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Nicaragua Dead Last in Economic Freedoms

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Nicaragua is currently ranked 101 out of 179 countries evaluated by The Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street in 2012. It dropped three places compared to 2011, making its current status last among its Central American neighbors.

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Study: Nicaragua is the Ultimate in Economic Freedom in the Region

The Index of Economic Freedom submitted by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal indicates that Nicaragua is Central America’s last position in terms of economic freedoms.

The 2012 report describes the Central American country is ranked 101 out of 179 countries evaluated with a drop of three places compared to 2011.In total, the study evaluates 10 indicators to determine the status of countries. These include property rights, corruption, government spending, fiscal freedom, the business, the work of trade, investment and financial freedom. According to the Index, most of them, Nicaragua had setbacks.

The document details in the country, the legal and institutional weaknesses continue to constrain economic development.

Among the main problems is the judicial system is unable to defend property rights effectively. Also, corruption remains widespread, and the government still lacks a strong political commitment to market opening. Instead, details, this imposes non-tariff barriers.
This, he says, raises costs, affecting the growth of productivity and prevents the emergence of a dynamic private sector.

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