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Nicaragua Dedicates Second Largest Budget in History to Road Repair

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The Nicaraguan Ministry of Transport Planning and Infrastructure (MTI) is gearing up for an impressive 2012 road repair program, by dedicating $658.7 million Nicaraguan Córdobas to finance road maintenance works, focusing on maintenance of streets and roads in poor condition.

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Most Trafficked Roads Repaired

Potholes, scour and landslides “consume” the budget of the organizations working in the field of road infrastructure in the country.

According to the Ministry of Transport Planning and Infrastructure (MTI) in 2012, 658.7 million will be used to cover road maintenance works, focusing on maintenance of streets and roads in poor condition.

The Road Maintenance Fund (FOMAV) also prioritize core network paved suffered major damage.

“We will prioritize roads where there is high traffic, which is important in production issue that has affected population, and of course, assesses the state of the roads, because the goal is to raise the level of the sections are quite deterioration, “said Karen Molina, executive directors FOMAV.

Other investments
For next year attention FOMAV road extended some 223 miles compared to this year. In total, the agency will invest 854 million Nicaraguan Córdobas for 3.340 kilometers. Molina said, the Pan American Highway South will be a priority in the work of FOMAV.

“There will be a folder recycling, reinforcement of the structure that is part of regular maintenance,” he said, making reference to the Panamericana. In this way, the budget for care will be 25.8 million Nicaraguan Córdobas from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

According to the latest official report on the damage to road infrastructure, more than 1.516 kilometers of highways and roads were severely affected by the rains of the past few months.

To specifically address winter damage, MTI received a budget increase of 100 million Nicaraguan Córdobas. Meanwhile, 55 million allocated FOMAV Nicaraguan Córdobas own funds to meet the emergency.

The emergence of winter also caused delay in the execution of some works scheduled for this year. Nevertheless, the authorities expect MTI FOMAV conclude with a performance above 90 percent.

The item for road maintenance is the second largest in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI), which is only exceeded by the investment of 2.000 billion Nicaraguan Córdobas for new road construction.

In 2012 the MTI budget will be 2.895 million Nicaraguan Córdobas. In the case of FOMAV, his focus is particularly on roads with a state considered “good” on average. However, the authorities of this institution have launched the alarm because some companies destroy the tracks when installed, mainly fiber optic cables or drain pipe.

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