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Nicaragua Expects 14% Contsruction Growth in 2012

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The newly elected president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Construction, Benjamin Spears, says 2012 will bring an expected growth of 14% in the construction sectors of housing, energy and tourism. Additionally, he said, there are many public infrastructure projects on the horizon which will continue to aid the country in its growth.

Photo Credit: El Nuevo Diario

Original Article Text From El Nuevo Diario via Google Translate :

“Construction Will Maintain Momentum”

By 2012, the construction sector expected to grow 14% compared to 19.4 obtained in 2011, they estimated the new president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Construction (NCC), Benjamin Spears.

Spears, is the son of businessman Benjamin Spears, who led the House in the early 2000s. Will command the CNC in the period 2012-2013.

“In 2011 we generated over 10,000 jobs and is a true reflection of the recovery that shows the sector,” said the entrepreneur.

Spears told El Nuevo Diario that the sector is showing “a clear growth”, mainly for investments in housing projects, energy and tourism.

What is the industry trend?
We are seeing a positive trend in the construction sector, many public investment projects – getting started in private sectors such as energy, tourism, housing and roads, so we believe that 2012 will be a very positive year for construction.

Will there be growth in construction?
We think the trend will continue because we have just emerged from a negative trend, but we expect 12% growth, considering that large projects are the construction of the new military hospital Tumarín Dam, the Fund projects Road Maintenance, FOMAV, and organized by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, MTI.

What will happen to the price increase in materials?
In our growth projections have already taken into account the prices of materials, but the trend is that these will be maintained. There is confidence in the public and private sectors and there are many projects that will begin to run this year.

What are your goals in front of the camera?
We will return to the union building, we are a belligerent camera and look forward to growing as a guild. I will look for the formalization of many companies working in the informal and not pay taxes, do not pay social insurance to their workers. One of my struggles will be to sustain business.

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