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Nicaragua Government Taking Tribal Land from Indigenous People

Article Summary:

The indigenous people of Nicaragua are losing their lands to government mass titling. Tribal leaders speculate that up to 50% of its properties are being occupied by illegal settlers. The possession of the property has been identified as one of the main problems of Nicaragua’s indigenous peoples who now claim the Nicaraguan government is stealing their tribal lands.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Nicaragua

Original Article Text From La Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

Government-owned Fuel Conflict

Land registration drives sweeping along the central government to municipal governments has become a new headache for the country’s indigenous peoples.

“Twenty-four hours before the government would make its act of mass titling in Chinandega, we realized that would legalize 25 lots belonging to our territory. We protested and now they tell us that the matter is under review, “said Alvaro Jiron, indigenous and advisor to the board of indigenous peoples of El Viejo, Chinandega.

Clearer roles
More than 30 indigenous leaders in the country met yesterday and said there has been quite large organizational advances. “Council of Elders in the community and boards within the same villages now have better defined the roles of work and that translates into benefits for the indigenous people themselves, “said Alvaro Jiron, one of the Indians who yesterday participated in a forum Local Network.

According to the count of the Indians, from 2004 to date have “lost” 76 properties that the Government has delivered to third parties. The situation begins to increase, due to massive deliveries of securities made by the central government, through the Inspectorate of the Property.

“For us, now this land registration sweep is more serious, because it is being used by the Government to head for other people in the territory that is ours,” said Maria Lidia Torres, vice president of the Council of Elders in the indigenous community Sutiaba in Leon.

A study by the villages of the indigenous communities of San Lucas, Cusmapa, Telpaneca, and Mozonte Totogalpa of the Coordinating Chorotega, had warned that at least 50 percent of its properties are being occupied by settlers.

The possession of the property has been identified this year as one of the main problems of indigenous peoples as leaders agreed yesterday at a meeting organized by the Local Network in Managua.

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