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Nicaragua “Hangs Ten” on Surfing Dreams

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Nicaragua is hanging its tourism dreams on those who like to catch waves by conquering a surfing market aimed at more than 35 million people worldwide.

Photo Credit: Prensa Nicaragua

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Nicaragua in the wave

Sun sand, sea, bronzed bodies and extremely skilled, who venture to sea in search of mastering a wave, an image is increasingly common in many beaches of Nicaragua Pacific, where gradually surfing started to take hold.

At first, the activity was something that performed sporadically foreign visitors and residents of coastal areas of the country, but today there are efforts to promote the implementation of the sport as a way to attract more visitors to Nicaragua including international tournaments like the 2013 Classic Wings Tour, which begins today in Leon.

“There is a decision to support the implementation of international tournaments are putting on the world map Nicaragua surf,” says Lucy Valenti, chief executive of Tourism and Investment Company SA.

He mentions that one of the first efforts made in partnership between the private sector and the Government through the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (Intur) was organizing international surfing tournaments, “so the Intur see this idea as a tourism development strategy because we been learning the experience of other countries in the region, “said the entrepreneur.

In 2011, Costa Rica joined only a total of 700,000 visitors motivated by the possibility of surfing, leaving that country about 500 million dollars in revenue. “This figure is more than the total industry generates in Nicaragua, then we saw the opportunity for the country to attempt to encourage this type of activity,” said Valenti.

In this sense, the first step was to establish contacts with the International Surfing Association (ISA, for its acronym in English). Four years ago this organization specialists came to assess the possibilities of including Nicaragua as part of the surf tour.

“These specialists in the country found that weather conditions favor the practice of sports because there are waves for much of the year,” said Valenti.

It was based on this diagnosis which in 2010 organized the first Latin American championship surfing in the country, in which 70 participants were enrolled and was well received by the national public.

That is a fact so highly valued positively by Guillermo Alvarado, former manager of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), who said that Nicaragua “has begun to market their best areas and are areas with world conditions, if I remember I think the country is considered one of the best destinations for surfing, “said Alvarado. Indeed, according to the specialist, which is to be improved in relation to transportation, infrastructure and services.

In this sense, Valenti argues that this initiative not only seeks to attract more tourists, but also an opportunity for further development for coastal areas of the country, as has happened in the south of Nicaragua.


According to Valenti, although the country still no official figures on the impact this activity is having on the tourism industry of the country, it is certain that those who come to practice this sport have increased spending.

“During tournaments that have taken place in the country have developed surveys and discovered that these tourists spend on average $ 120 daily during their stay in the country, additionally these tourists have to pay a tax of $ 150 to travel with her surfboard , so the potential for this segment is great, “said Valenti.

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