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Nicaragua Holds Title of Highest Growth in Direct Foreign Investment in Central America

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The average Direct Foreign Investment (FDI) attraction in Central America stands at four percent, so when Nicaragua recently reached 8%, doubling the average, it no surprising the country has set it sights on becoming one of the leading countries in attracting FDI Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Nicaragua achieved higher growth in investment in Central

Nicaragua has the highest growth of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Central America with an amount equal to eight percent of GDP in the last three years, said today ProNicaragua agency director, Javier Chamorro .

According to the executive, the average investment attraction in the region is four percent, so that Nicaragua recently reached double the others and aims to become one of the leading countries in attracting FDI Latin America and the Caribbean.

While still processing the results of this activity in 2011, the official confirmed that should be around $ 900 million, representing a record for the history of this country. Chamorro said that the expectation for 2012 is overcome the barrier of one billion in investments, considering there are conditions to sustain growth.

In late January was part of the government delegation that attended the first working session of the Russia-Nicaragua Mixed Commission, held in Moscow, and of the agreements signed at the meeting highlighted the promotion and reciprocal protection of investments is key to business security.

According to the executive, a first concrete step will be the visit in April a Russian business delegation to Nicaragua interested in the area of agricultural and agroindustrial products. One group of businessmen show great interest in some of the main items Nicaraguan coffee, groundnuts, cocoa, others favor products like meat and seafood, he said.

The idea of this commission is to start evaluate opportunities to create Russian-Nicaraguan joint ventures to invest, produce and export to international markets, he said. The manager said in an interview with the magazine Live, Channel 4 television, in addition to this dialogue with Russian businessmen in April, the company organizes a forum for March in the automotive sector to encourage the production of such a park in Nicaragua.

Also planning a forum in June for the manufacture of shoes in the country, one in July on business process outsourcing, and in October the second edition of Business Europe, Nicaragua, he added. In each of the appointments, as Chamorro, Nicaraguan invite the private sector to promote trade and investment opportunities for all.

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