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Nicaragua: Hotel Supply Is Limited

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Nicaragua is suffering a shortage of hotel rooms; despite the increase in supply created in recent years, this amount is still below the quantity of rooms available in neighboring countries.

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Hospitality To Grow

The hotel industry expects growth this year to keep between eight and ten percent, while acknowledging that the goal to achieve availability of twenty thousand rooms is still a long way to go in Nicaragua. The Institute of Tourism (Intur) 10.235 records in room supply in the country until December 2011.

Miguel Romero, director of the Hotel Association of Nicaragua (AHN), noted that the estimated growth for this year will be in line with the projected growth in domestic tourism, which range between 11 and 13 percent.
Despite this growth, Romero acknowledged that the country still has the more limited housing supply Central hotel, although the country has made progress in the availability of rooms with “international quality”.

Small Hotels
The AHN recognizes that most hotels are still small, to the point that the Hotel Barceló Montelimar is the largest in the country, with three hundred rooms.

“In Las Vegas a small hotel can be up to ten thousand rooms, this gives us an idea of ​​how small it is our job,” says Romero.

True, recognizes that in recent years there have been more hotel projects, but the problem is that hotels offer no more than thirty rooms, a number too low to approach the minimum goal of twenty thousand rooms in the country .

“There is no development of large enterprises in the coastal area of ​​Rivas. They left large enterprise projects come to give a real strengthening of the entry tourism, “he says.

In fact asserts that Nicaragua needs three coastal resorts like Barceló Montelimar “to really sector development is stronger.”

“Here you can not do a convention of three or four thousand people because there is no place to take them, we would have to put in all of Nicaragua,” he says.

According to Romero, to achieve that boost the industry needs to keep them tourist tax incentives to promote the implementation of larger projects.

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