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Nicaragua Just Misses Foreign Investment Goal of U.S. $ 1 Billion

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Nicaragua increased its direct foreign investment in 2011 80%, just missing their goal of over U.S. $1 Billion. Contributing to the $ 900 Million generated in 2011were the sectors of energy, oil, telecommunications, free trade zones as well as tourism.

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Nicaragua attracted $ 900 Million in Foreign Investment in 2011

The executive director of the State Investment Promotion Agency of Nicaragua (ProNicaragua), Javier Chamorro, admitted by official means to the authorities initially planned to accumulate U.S. $ 1,039 billion in foreign direct investment, but did not reach that figure.

He stressed, however, that the $ 900 million this year to be obtained is a “figure close to the original goal” and “represents a growth of 80%” compared to 2010, when Nicaragua attracted U.S. $ 500 million.

“We are an economy that has grown from below, but taking the right steps to position ourselves so we can go better,” he said.

The Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN) reported this week that gross domestic product (GDP) will grow this Central American country a “minimum” of 4% in 2011, with inflation not to exceed 8.5%.

ProNicaragua and the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP) held last August an international investment forum involving some 70 companies from America, Europe and Asia.

Also in October another round Managua business conducted with 18 companies in Spain and Italy 25. The sectors that are touted Nicaragua as energy, oil, telecommunications, free trade zones and maquiladoras and tourism.

Nicaraguan officials also released this year tramitesnicaragua.org digital platform to enhance and facilitate investment.

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