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Nicaragua Mining Accounts for $110 Million in Direct Investment Dollars

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Nicaragua’s mining sector accounted for $110 million in direct investment in 2011 and generated over $350 million in exports while creating about four thousand formal jobs.

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Good business climate for mining investment

In 2011 the mining sector accounted for $ 110 million in direct investment to Nicaragua and generated over $ 350 million in exports while creating about 4 thousand formal jobs.

“Of that $ 110 million investment, about 70% is to explore new sites, what companies are doing right now is to develop the information needed to make investment decisions and that is decisive for the mining industry continues to grow, “said Executive Director and Investment Promotion Agency, Pro Nicaragua, Javier Chamorro.

Chamorro was part of the Nicaraguan commission participated in one of the main events of the global mining industry organized by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada, PDAC, (for its acronym in English) in Toronto Canada from 4 to 7 March past. Seeking more investment is precisely the above figures were one of the letters of Nicaragua in this event, in which he participated as a country to attract more investors.

According to the representative of Nicaragua Pro, this is a good time for the investment climate in this sector. He said the international price of minerals is very favorable for the industry.

In the event Nicaragua stood out with competitive advantages including a strong legal framework, abundant natural resources, government support, economic stability, high levels of personal safety and preferential access to markets in the world.

Moreover, Nicaragua was presented as emerging destination almost exclusively as the only Central American and Mexico promoted in this fair. Next Step The next step, said Chamorro, Nicaragua Pro will give up to the discussions held at the fair with the least 50 contacts made ​​during the presentation of Nicaragua at this show, which had a stand.

“With these companies we can provide the information you require, bring the country to see what is developing here,” said the official.

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