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Nicaragua Needs 27,000 More Hotel Rooms to Meet Demand

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Nicaragua has 8,000 rooms to offer visitors, but more than 50% of them are three to five stars and located mainly in Managua. Poised to make a jump in tourism, the country must respond with greater investment in its hotel infrastructure and add 19,000 more rooms.

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Nicaragua seeks to expand its hotel infrastructure in response to greater numbers of tourists

With a current supply of 8,000 rooms, 50% of them in places three to five stars mainly in Managua, Nicaragua is poised to seek greater investment in hotel infrastructure. Its authorities have been raised with 27,000 housing capacity by 2020, as part of the National Plan for Sustainable Tourism Development of the nation.

According spoke about Lucy Valenti, chair of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur), told local media, if you want to increase social development and tourism in the Central American country, it is imperative to grow in the hotel sector.

Among the steps that are being taken in this direction is the construction of three new hotels in Managua, which is expected to become operational by 2013, including a brand new hotel Holiday Inn, which operate under the Express mode, ie of “bed and breakfast”.

According to Benjamin Spears, president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Construction, plans are being finalized and construction should begin in the next three or four months in an operation that would employ about 300 people.

It also confirmed the manager who works on two other projects, one of which would be located in the downtown area of ​​Plaza Spain, also in Managua, and said that the other not yet defined location.

According ratified Spears, Nicaragua hotels deficit is large, which makes the existing excess capacity in times of high demand, according to a report of La Prensa newspaper that quotes him. In the Central American country is current Incentive Act the tourist industry or Act 306, which provides, among other benefits, exemption from taxes to projects with a minimum of $ 50,000. Until last May approved 17 of these proposals for the sector, benefiting from the legislation, which represented an amount of 19.6 million, according to data from the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur). However, the Nicaraguan Chamber of Small and Medium Business Tourism (Cantur) has called for reform legislation to the new minimum investment is $ 10,000, for the current ceiling beyond the reach of its partners.

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