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Nicaragua Predicts Over 1 Million Visitors This Year, Which Would Represent 6.7% Growth.

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This year the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur) totes the lofty goal of registering over 1 million visitors crossing its borders. These tourists mean a $460 million investment into the country and is a 20% increase in visitors over the prior year, says Intur.

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Nicaraguans are Betting on Tourism

This year, the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur) expected growth in tourist arrivals, foreign exchange and the register of tourism businesses.

They project that the influx of foreign tourists grow by 6.7% compared to 2011. If so, this year would reach more than 1,100,000 visitors.

The indicator where more growth is expected in the currencies, as calculated that this year would receive a 19% increase over last year, that is, that could top $ 460 million in tourism revenue.

Also, Mario Salinas, CEO of Intur, said this year would be recorded between 800 and 1,000 tourism businesses, including new and existing.

Salinas presented to the Tourism Commission of the National Assembly his report for the last five years and projections for 2012

He stressed the need to continue training workers tourism businesses to increase the quality of care to visitors.

“It is important to tourist satisfaction and tourist standard. To stay longer, and that we have been improving, we went from 5.4 to 8.2 days, “said Salinas, who said he should be increased daily expenditure of tourists, which is currently $ 47.
According to Salinas has trained over five years to 26 thousand workers in 2012 and expect to train eight thousand more.

On the other hand, noted that one of the best projects is the tourist route from Greytown, Greytown in Nicaragua, which will be ready before Easter. That will have an airport that is nearing completion.

In this regard ensures that they have talked to the airline’s travel from Managua Coastal and Nature Air, Costa Rica, possible trips to San Jose and Liberia.
They have also coordinated efforts with property owners, bars and restaurants for the opening of the new tourist route.

“It is important to Greytown which is an area that historically has never been 200 years presence, so it is important to recovery which is being given. Is financial support to companies that have the potential for transport, water sports, fishing. Can you imagine direct flights from San Jose and even Tegucigalpa, “said Salinas.

This year the projected Intur employment generated by tourism to grow by eight percent. The tourism industry already generates about 150,000 seats. To date there are 5.600 registered tourism companies seeking numbers

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