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Nicaragua to Invest $31 Million in Low-Income Housing

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Nicaragua will begin a comprehensive $31.9 million housing and habitat improvement project for roughly 70,000 of the country’s poverty-level inhabitants.

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Original Article Text From Prensa Latina via Google Translate :

Nicaragua to Start Investment in Housing
Nicaragua will begin in the coming days a comprehensive housing and habitat improvement for $ 31.9 million USD, which in four years will directly benefit about 70,000 inhabitants, the government reported.

As explained by the coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council, Rosario Murillo, the plan will begin later this month, with contributions from external financial institutions and the cooperation of countries such as Spain.

Under the guidance of the Nicaraguan Institute for Urban and Rural Housing, the project will restore the right of nearly 14,000 families, about 70,000 people, to live in decent homes, the official stated in its usual space on TV channel Canal 4.

These investments also represent an economic benefit because it will generate 71,500 direct jobs and 123,000 indirect, she said.

With funding from the program, between August and December 2012, it is expected the delivery of 1,781 houses to families of various municipalities, as part of national effort in the fight against poverty.

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