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Nicaraguan Entrepreneurs in the USA Ask for Understanding

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A delegation of Nicaraguan businessmen traveled to Washington asking their peers in the Capital to intercede with the U.S. Government and “not to punish the people of Nicaragua.” At stake are funds the country routinely receives from International Development Bank and the World Bank. All of the signs of fraud in recent presidential elections of President Daniel Ortega is causing trouble for the Central American country.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Nicaragua

Original Article Text From La Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

Entrepreneurs in the U.S.. UU. for Waiver

A delegation of Nicaraguan businessmen traveled to Washington, United States, in order to get their peers in the nation, intercede with the U.S. government “not to punish the people of Nicaragua” cooperation and cutting the blocks which do not give the international agencies.

Government must listen

He confirmed that Cesar Zamora, a businessman and member of the guild, is part of the delegation traveled to Washington. But Zamora said that on behalf of AmCham will, but as vice president of the American Association of Latin American Chamber of Commerce and the Caribbean (AACCLA).

Mario Amador, vice president of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP), acknowledges that following the warning issued by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, concerned that waivers are approved this year.

Amador told the press that if necessary, business techniques will lobby members of Congress and with the same Secretary of State. In the worst cases, he says, they hope to make cuts to the non-cooperation affects projects that directly benefit the population through the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and World Bank (WB).

Each year, the U.S. assesses whether Nicaragua has met with two waivers: one of transparency and compensation for confiscated property to its citizens in the eighties. The U.S. last week. UU. warned that make a “aggressive scrutiny” to each loan that is via IDB and WB. All of the signs of fraud in recent presidential elections.

“When you cancel a program of assistance of any agency or an affected country, the end is not the government but the people who receive benefits, and see what happened with the Millennium Challenge Account,” he said.

Amador doubt that Venezuela could meet Daniel Ortega all the resources that are being lost. Ortega therefore insist that you send the signal you expect U.S.. UU. “The message sent by Mrs. Clinton is” correct what is wrong to continue working, but will not if you do not have to straighten out the changes that have taken the course. ” We have therefore insisted that institutions must be respected, to be changed to all electoral umpires, “said Amador.

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