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Nicaraguan Transport Minister Announces New Projects for Matagalpa

Article Summary:

Nicaraguan Department of Transport has announced an investment of U.S. $38 million in road improvements for the city of Matagalpa.

Photo Credit: El Pueblo President

Original Article Text From El Pueblo President via Google Translate :

During his recent visit to the Department of Transport Minister Announces New Projects for Matagalpa

In his recent visit to Matagalpa, Comrade Pablo Martínez MTI minister announced new projects for this department, which works to improve the living conditions of people and all key sectors in the economy of our country.

Among the projects to be implemented in this department by the Government of National Unity and Reconciliation is the stretch of La Mora – The Tent, Esquípulas – Old Doors and 10 miles from Rio Blanco concrete Mulukuku.

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure and also mentioned that resources are being managed for the next year include the road section of The Plant – San Dionisio and Matiguás – El Jobo to San Ramon.

For works in progress, according to Pablo Fernando Martinez partner has approved a $ 38 million dollars through international cooperation remains confident in the government of President Daniel Ortega.

In regard to the dairy area and the poor condition of these roads, the MTI’s priority is to get to this area for products of this area is removed and all departments that keep the economy of Nicaragua.

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