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Nicaragua’s President Moves Closer to Indefinite Power

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Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega moved closer to indefinite re-election Tuesday after his allies in the National Assembly approved constitutional changes that opponents say are designed to keep the Sandinista leader in power for life.

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Nicaragua’s assembly approves plan to end presidential term limits

Nicaragua’s national assembly on Tuesday approved a constitutional change to remove presidential term limits, which could allow incumbent Daniel Ortega stay in power for years and raises concerns about democracy in the country.

Approval of the plan put forward last month by Ortega’s ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front must now be ratified by the assembly next year before it can take effect. That ratifying vote is likely in January or February.

The 68-year-old Ortega, a prominent Cold War antagonist of the United States, has yet to say publicly whether he wants to run again for the presidency in 2016.

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  • ehcross .

    Lifting presidential limits means eternal dictatorship. Once again, Nicaragua is pushed toward another era of despots eager to re-write the Constitution to make sure they have complete control of citizen’s lives. Meantime, Ortega and his voracious family are keen on making fortunes through crooked practices and monopolistic institutions whose task is covering the widespread corruption that is lead by Ortega’s cronies. Nicaragua’s Democracy is once again at peril.

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