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One Gulf, Three Nations, But Who Does It Really Belong To?

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According to all three nations, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, each country says they have rights over the Gulf of Fonseca. The debate has grown heated with police presence in the waters and ultimately driven the three nations to the negotiating table.

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Lobo, Funes and Ortega in Nicaragua talk about development of the Gulf of Fonseca

The presidents of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo, El Salvador, Mauricio Funes, and Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, will meet on 30 November in Managua to discuss the Gulf of Fonseca, said an official source.

The Honduran Foreign Minister Arturo Corrales said at a press conference that the three leaders will meet in late November in Nicaragua to promote development in the Gulf of Fonseca, on the Pacific, shared by the three countries.

He said the three Central American countries have rights over the Gulf of Fonseca, but must “mark points of how to exercise those rights, which will be resolved at the negotiating table.”

“Honduras has cosovereignty into the Gulf, on that we never asked for permission, we are not asking for, nor will we ask, to exercise our right,” said Corrales, after referring to the assistance your country has asked the United Nations to Salvador meets failure of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 1992.

In September 1992, the Court in The Hague issued a ruling with which ended a border dispute, which gave Honduras sovereignty over most disputed territories, but Rabbit Islet possession is claimed back by El Salvador.

Honduras is not “negotiating” the ICJ ruling, said the chancellor, who said that what his country asks is that “finishes the sentence.”

The request to the world body is also to contribute to “put in place the joint sovereignty in the Gulf of Fonseca,” shared by the three countries, said Corrales, who asked El Salvador to work “together” to choose the mechanisms for finish serving the sentence.

Also at the meeting said that the three Central American Presidents held in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador to request “procedure is drafted UN assistance.”

Honduras has expressed disapproval to the Government of El Salvador for the lack of enforcement of the judgment into the Gulf waters not defined, in the closing line of the Gulf or mouth, Honduran official said.

Rabbit In the islet, Honduras has a presence “permanent military” and the Ministry of Agriculture is considering creating a wildlife park to “attract tourists” and promote the development of the Gulf, said Corrales.

Fishermen in coastal communities of the three Central American countries fishing in the Gulf, but the Hondurans frequently complain that they are victims of persecution and capture by patrols of Nicaragua and El Salvador, with the aggravating circumstance that they seize the product and its tools fishing.

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