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Ortega Takes a Page from His Buddy Chavez, Covers the Capital in Propaganda

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Nicaragua’s newly inaugurated president wanted to make a statement of greatness to the residents of Managua, who recently found themselves living in the shadow of huge, brightly-colored political announcements.The mastermind behind the grandiose billboards was none other than the newly elected President’s wife, Rosario Murillo, who leads the Communication and Citizenship Council.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Nicaragua

Original Article Text From La Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

Propaganda and Louder and Larger

“Tell me what you brag and tell you what you lack,” reads a popular slogan. A febrile movement assembly and dis-assembly of fences, huge cubes and high posts, and renovation of places we live in Managua, on the eve of the resumption of possession that President Daniel Ortega will be on Tuesday January 10.
Messages of peace and love. Billboards with the image of President Daniel Ortega smiling, alone or accompanied by First Lady Rosario Murillo. Sidewalks, streets, roundabouts. The city is taken by a political party considered that not all popular.
But that seems not to matter to President Daniel Ortega, let alone his wife Rosario Murillo, who heads the communications field and has been at the forefront of campaigns.
The 19 News for Tuesday, the newsletter sent by Murillo, stand back to haunt the “renovation work at the Plaza of the Revolution” now has “stamped concrete” instead of pavement. Everything should be ready on Tuesday, January.

Can you tell something of the mind and personality of Rosario Murillo, from his apparent obsession with the great and high that more and more prints to your propaganda? A group of psychologists consulted by La Prensa gave their insights.
“The colors, shapes and saturation of elements in advertising have a simple explanation, when you see their appearance. While also responding to an advertising strategy. It is intimately linked to their tastes, not just the political idea of ​​trying to sell, “says a psychologist who requested anonymity.”Including the President and his image on billboards monumental addresses a cult of personality. That is critical. ”
The obsession with “the greatest” was evident when in December 2010, the government ordered to remove a Christmas tree and put a bigger, because the telephone company had placed near another that was beyond him.
Another expert believes that the First Lady suffers from egotism and megalomania. “That to insist on large items, flashy, covering a lot of space, public space that people can not avoid seeing, that demonstrates a need to excel, to have supremacy. All care for them, all power to them. ”
“For color choices, simple messages combined with repetitive speeches and big words, one could interpret that is a very intelligent and dominant, but it also has shortcomings that tries to hide behind so much color, so the message of peace, happiness, victory” said the specialist.
“If you get the same wear skirts striped with multicolor plaid shirts, and thousands of accessories though disturbed, there is nothing you can not do for attention, the bigger and more colorful the better. But it is a pathology, it will always go beyond. ”

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