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President Ortega Continues to Seize Private Lands

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During 2011 there were at least six public cases in Nicaragua where owners reported confiscation of their property by the Government officials working through the Attorney General’s Office who seized these lands without compensation or prior arrangement. Now, President Daniel Ortega administration wants to take over 17 blocks of land valued at $22.1 million across from the Mall Gallery in Santo Domingo.

Photo Credit: La Prensa Nicaragua

Original Article Text From La Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

Ortega Creates Instability
The desire of the government led by President Daniel Ortega unconstitutional to appropriate private land through mechanisms outside of the law is continuous and generates instability and uncertainty that affects domestic and foreign investment, said the lawyers Thomas Delaney and Alberto Novoa.

During 2011, there were at least six public cases, the owners reported confiscation of property from the Government through the Attorney General’s Office as the main feature was the taking of land without compensation or prior arrangement.

“These actions outside legitimate processes, what they convey is legal uncertainty, far from creating the conditions for security and stability to attract investment,” said Delaney.

Among the most notorious cases in 2011 is the Martinez family, who still expects payment of the 146 acres of land where the landfill was the Chureca. There is also the Toruño Garcia family, whose ownership of 100 blocks was occupied and exploited by Albanisa associated with the presidential family, and after five months and PGR interventions had to sell the farm Caramel.

In these cases, Ricardo adds Zambrana, whom the PGR never replied to the occupation of its property located in the vicinity of the cast Planetarium, Old Road in Leon.

According to Dr. Novoa, exprocurador General of the Republic, if the Government determines that it has authority over any property or require expropriation for reasons of public utility right thing is to follow the procedure laid down in the Expropriation Act and to elucidate the judge.

“The state must submit to such proceedings and stand equal with the particular, because it is acting outside the law, leaving the individual defenseless,” said exprocurador.

This legal procedure mentioned Novoa has been violated in the cases reported and the most recent among a group of local investors and the government for 17 acres of land located across from the Mall Gallery Santo Domingo, where the Attorney General’s Office, Hernán Estrada, speaks of “talks” but not of legal procedure.

Both lawyers conclude that when they violate the principles of security created uncertainty in the acquisition or possession of the property.

For Alberto Novoa exprocurador are worrisome abnormal processes that are involved the government taking private property through processes outside of the law.

“In particular, the law gives a series of defense mechanism for the state can not exercise the power they have. So send it to a tribunal. The State can not in and of itself acting through its institutions to the detriment of the interests of individuals, “said Novoa. The government of President Daniel Ortega wants unconstitutional appropriation of 17 blocks of land valued at 22.1 million dollars.

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From La Prensa Nicaragua

  • robo

    I was seriously thinking about buying land in Nicaragua on the Pacific coast, but this story changed my mind completely.

    I could do my due diligence and buy land with a legal title, then the government swoops in 1 year or 10 years later and says it’s theirs. That’s worse than dealing with the Mafia.

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