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Property Rights Deteriorating in Nicaragua

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Nicaraguan citizens are entitled to a return of their properties or be paid compensation for lands seized under the Sandinista revolution. The government of Daniel Ortega is not respecting the rights and is arbitrarily confiscating and expropriating lands back to the government as is the recent case of Punta Teonoste, Panica Group, and the family of Luvy Rappaccioli who was forceably removed from her lands.

Photo Credit: Prensa Nicaragua

Original Article Text From Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

The Abuses of Property Rights

The photographs were published by the press in recent days, in which Mrs. Luvy Rappaccioli appears to be physically restrained by the police force while trying to prevent vacate a property the government intend to seize a second time, are as dramatic testimony the insecurity of property rights prevailing under the regime of Daniel Ortega.

This family property was confiscated Rappaccioli in 1981 by the Sandinista regime, was returned to its owners in the nineties, during the democratic government of Violeta Chamorro and in 2002 the Supreme Court judgment confirmed by the fair return due to their rightful owners.

Rappaccioli family acquired the property in a legal and legitimate, not a product of piñatas government, political spoils or outbursts of any kind. And it was not a reward or bounty for participation or revolutionary or counter services. This property is a heritage built up over a very long time and with great effort, based on honest work of a family that enjoys respect and appreciation in the department of Carazo and around the country. So the family owned Rappaccioli did not have to be confiscated in the eighties, and have to be severed and now again confiscated, either for the benefit of the State or anyone in particular, however Sandinista Ortega to historical or be.

The regime of Daniel Ortega has been troubling, obviously, to resolve or appear to solve the problems of property of U.S. citizens who were seized by the Sandinista revolution and the piñata, for the United States granted the waiver or annual waiver allows access to concessional loans from international financial organizations. But Nicaraguans who are not U.S. citizens and foreigners of other nationalities, are entitled to return of their properties or pay compensation that because they do not arbitrarily confiscate or expropriate as happened recently in the case of Punta Teonoste, group Panica, Martinez family and many others.

One of the most obvious, harmful and regrettable erosion and retreat of democracy in Nicaragua under the authoritarian regime of Daniel Ortega, is the blatant and unpunished abuse the right of private property. So Nicaragua is ranked 123 among 130 countries that were included in the latest International Home Ownership, the U.S. non-governmental organization Tax Reform Americans. But of course Orteguismo aggression is not against private property in general. Rather it is an attack against the property of others, because leaders are people who Orteguismo landowners were confiscated by the eighties, the nineties piñata and exercise discretion and abuse of power today.

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