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Royal Caribbean Plans to Invest Heavily in San Juan del Sur

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Royal Caribbean cruise ships will soon be docking more often in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua as the tourist spot moves forward with its port expansion plans. Royal Caribbean states it will double its volume of cruise ship dockings from the 50 or so it averages per year to 100 to 150.

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Royal Caribbean Plans to Invest Heavily in San Juan del Sur

The construction of a pier, a hotel, restaurants and shops in San Juan del Sur, the intentions that the company has Royal Caribbean International cruise ship, in an investment project that has been submitted to the local and national authorities, confirmed representatives of the National Port Company, EPN, the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism, Intur, and the National Chamber of Tourism, Canatur.

“Yes, there are intentions to invest Royal Caribbean … Right now they are doing feasibility studies,” said the owner of Intur, Mario Salinas.

The official explained that the project has several stages, and that the first run with funding from the Inter-American Development Bank, which consists mainly in improving boats and places where they provide information to tourists.

Although not known how much investment for this mega project, which includes the refurbishment of the pier in San Juan del Sur, the president of Intur said that, if achieved, “would send a positive message to international shipping in that the government is interested in this type of tourism. ”

He estimated that about 50 cruise ships visit the country annually, however, the project would also increase the flow in Nicaragua in a 50% or up to 75%.

According to the technical manager of the EPN, Lesther Quintero, the project is being worked through an agreement between Royal Caribbean, the EPN and Intur, and everything indicates that the Port would provide the port concession for several years This cruise company, which since 2011 has shown interest in investing in the area.

Canatur supports project
The president of Canatur, Silvia Levy was optimistic about the project and said that it would bring great benefits to domestic tourism.

“The impact that (the Royal Caribbean cruise) is to increase the number of beds (hotel facilities) needed to meet demand (tourism), which will increase,” said Levy.

Levy said it is a fact that is being tested for viability for investment in San Juan del Sur, confirming the installation of a new hotel company.

“They came to interview me, I know the name of the hotel concerned, but told them it was very likely the market (Nicaragua),” he said.

Boost real estate
The former president of Canatur and tourism expert, Lucy Valenti, said the investment of Royal Caribbeean also more dynamic domestic tourism and even the real estate business.

“That happens in Honduras. For example, the largest percentage of sales of real estate in Roatan island, is by tourists arriving on cruise ships, “he said.

Although the cruise only take hours Nicaraguan port, Valenti did not rule out the possibility that the tourist choose as a future tourist Nicaragua, for a longer trip.

Deputy Mayor of San Juan del Sur, Rivas Adelina Rose confirmed that Royal Caribbean officials have visited this resort city twice – first in 2011 and again this year – and that on both occasions the mayor has met with them to address the issue concerning the remodeling project of the port.

“With this project, San Juan del Sur would be a big boost in economic development and tourism … The main focus of contribution is the extension of the pier, tourists would arrive directly at the port, and new establishments is like them an invitation to stay longer, “he said.

Today, tourists arriving on cruise ships have to lose these “floating cities” and take a boat that takes them to the dock, and, according to Rivas, with the redevelopment of the port and there would be no difficulty in boats to transfer port and vice versa.

Ask local entrepreneurs that engage
The Deputy Mayor noted that this mega project should be taken into account service providers in the city, and the mass labor potential existing in the municipality.

This position coincides with that of Randall House, coordinator of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises of San Juan del Sur.

Farm said that everything is based on the development of San Juan del Sur is important, but to do consultations with local stakeholders to see the involvement of the population, in order to avoid isolation and that the project takes them by surprise.

Currently, Royal Caribbean International, based in Florida, USA, has a fleet of 22 boats, divided into six categories, each with different services and entertainment for tourists, according to Wikipedia.

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