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Sandinista Government Embarks of Survey

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The Sandinista government has embarked upon a national survey of its people to monitor their expectation of its workings. According to Government of Power data, 67.3% of Nicaraguans polled stated they are content with the government, while almost the same amount, 73.5% hope for a brighter 2012. Topping approval in the polling were social programs, economic, sports and recreation promoted by the Government with 82.3% approval.

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People of Nicaragua Approved Governance Model

The Coordinator of Communication and Citizenship Council, companion, Rosario Murillo, announced this noon through Multinoticias Channel 4, a preview of the results of an investigation of values that is taking place in Nicaragua.

He explained that during the investigation 6 000 samples were applied throughout the country and 4 000 in the department of Managua. Among the results are that 73.5% of Nicaraguan families hope that 2012 is much better than previous years.

Rosario said that this expectation of the people, it also carries a big responsibility for both the Sandinista government as well as for the Mayor’s Office of Citizen Power.

“It’s a great responsibility to the Government of Citizen Power, for these mayors of Citizen Power, which we must respond to the great trust placed Nicaraguan families,” he said.

He said that the people have given a mandate by Commander Daniel to realize their dreams and aspirations.

“They trust in reality, the truth of all our commitments and are confident that together we will do better,” he said.

As for municipal programs and budgets are widely consulted with the people, the survey reveals that 89.3% of Nicaraguans endorse this initiative. Hence, the government valued as very important “to carry out this broad consultation with all sectors of our people to guide our work according to their demand.”

In relation to the model of Citizen Power, said that across the country has a 67.3% approval, while social programs, economic, sports and recreation promoted by the Government have a positive valuation of 86.1% in Managua and 82.3% to national

“These are numbers that we pledge to work every day, to work every day also in strengthening our presence that model solidarity, of a permanent presence from the community numbers that commit us to respond effectively, with actions that ensure Nicaraguan families and make you feel you are listening at any given time guides, their orientation, their signs, “he said.

One thing is also important as the information model and communication of the Government of National Unity and Reconciliation. According to the survey, this has in Managua a 79.3% approval and the rest of the country a 76.6% approval.

The companion Rosario said that in the coming days will be giving to know more results of this research.

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