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Coming Soon to Nicaragua: Scenic Tourists Highway

Article Summary:

The Pacific Coast of Nicaragua has become a hot destination for real estate investors, developers, general tourists, and surfers looking for the perfect wave. To meet the demand, Nicaragua has called on Italy to finance a “Scenic Tourist Coastal Highway” which will run from the capital city of Managua to the Costa Rican border.

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Original Article Text From Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate:

That comes to at Least Costanera Poneloya

A part of the dream we have cherished for decades that those who want to see our beloved Nicaragua progress is to be realized now that in the next 60 days and according to the planned dates come to our land the high officials of SPIN Italian society, with its financial technical proposal in hand for what will be the first modern highway in the country and a vital public interest, which has been called: “Tourist Scenic Highway Pacific Coast of Central and South Coast of Nicaragua.”

Initially plans to extend this road for 138 kilometers, from Punta El Naranjo (dot border with Costa Rica) to Masachapa, covering the departments of Rivas, Carazo and Managua, with an approximate cost of two hundred million dollars, and it is a project of four lanes, two in each direction, with a center boulevard and lighting photo voltaic (energized by sunlight).

In the theoretical framework, this type of roads prevents more than 90% of accidents that are typical of the narrow two-lane roads with a center parting that currently exist in Nicaragua and are classic other Central American countries.

The Costanera Highway project will connect and benefit spas, beaches and coastal cities: El Ostional, Flower, San Juan del Sur, Huacalito project (under construction), Brito, The Shipyard, Chacocente Huehuete, La Boquita, Casares, Salinas de Nahualapa, Pochomil, Masachapa and Montelimar, stimulating investment for the construction of new resorts, marinas, tourist projects and even whole new coastal resort towns.

Logically Italian investors will recoup their investment by way of a toll collection for road users, whose construction includes the best anti skid asphalt paving, drainage, gutters, security walls, links with the existing system , airports and related projects, I have understood that by now must be completed the respective feasibility studies.

As you can see, the project is important, taking only a small “but” we know that Nicaraguans “negotiate” with the Italians, and that suits us both to us as a nation to our overall development, as to them in their capacity as business investors to guarantee the safe return of your investment, and this “but” is that it’s necessarily extend this coastal road to the beaches of Poneloya in the department of León, Nicaragua.

Based on the overall goal of this super highway should be the development of tourism, we need to articulate it our great colonial jewel, the city of Santiago de los Caballeros de León, commonly known as Leon, for their beauty and their two invaluable and fabulous world heritage of mankind as: The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of León, whose official name is: Insigne and Real Basilica Cathedral of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Ruins of León Viejo “The American Pompeii” only colonial city sixteenth century settled in America , who never suffered through alterations urban history.

If this road ends at Montelimar, as expected, do not say it will not be useful but not strategic to our national interests but we go to the beautiful beaches of Las Penitas and Poneloya, allowing the global tourism costs up 20 kilometers from the fabulous beaches Poneloya spa to enjoy the stunning colonial city of Nicaragua and Central America.

León, Nicaragua, wonderful city full of history, culture, relics, temples and impressive colonial buildings, etc. At that gross errors antinationalistic Nicaraguan political class we have given back for centuries to the delight and satisfaction of the enemies of Nicaragua.

Without recognizing that in that city there is our future as a global tourism nation: its colonial treasures, its volcanoes, its world heritage of mankind, their near and beautiful beaches and its strategic location on the Panamerican Highway that connects with Honduras and El Salvador, and what goes up north of the Americas.

I leave this important task in the hands of the central government and in each and every one of you as Nicaraguans to do their best individual efforts with the specific weight that each of you has in our society, and together we can get this coastal road is extends from Montelimar to Poneloya by exposure of “reasons of national development” supported by this submission.

I pray to God our loving Father and to the weight and wisdom illuminate Nicaraguan government authorities to endorse this recommendation technique, supported by our professional background, and absolute security that the dividend yield on the waterfront this extension will return multiplied more than the additional investment required.

This will be a transcendent step toward the ultimate goal of national prosperity. I hope that those who choose not to let this opportunity escape that life delivered by grace once again to Nicaragua to develop once and for all as a nation of world-class tourist.

Moreover, if for any reason fails SPIN Italian society, we as a nation must begin immediately coastal project, financed with a bridge loan ALBA funds as soft loan to the State of Nicaragua, to be our own country total road and income; handing Albanisa, as a private company to guarantee payment bi: Real, solid enough, the road itself to cancel the bridge loan.

The important thing is that the develop coastal road from January 1, 2013, no matter who the fund. We all as a nation that invests necessarily require the ALBA group in this strategic project of national infrastructure postponed and if it fails the ALBA group will bounden duty of one of our many millionaires Nicaraguans that we abound in the country which God touch nationalist consciousness and decide to bet with soul, life and heart to wake imminent development of our beloved country. Any way for me is good. Now or never, beloved.

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From Prensa Nicaragua

  • Robert in Canada

    I agree with the article, this road would help lift millions of people out of poverty into a better standard of living and a better future.

    But you can be sure North American enviro-nuts will fight it and do everything to block it. They are against all people and developments that generates economic benefits and profit (except for the people and developments that put money into their pockets).

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