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Surfing Championship Boosts Tourism for Nicaragua

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The 2012 World Championship Surf Masters division will be held in Nicaragua, bringing with it an estimated 10,000 spectators. It will be the largest foreign sporting event held in the country since 1972.

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Surfing Championship will boost tourism in Nicaragua

About a dozen countries will participate in this competition scheduled for the second half of next July on the beaches of Tola, Nicaragua’s southern Pacific, chosen as the scene of the event after a study of the winds on this coast location with big waves, he said.
At the discretion of the officer, this will be the biggest sporting event to be held in Nicaragua since the Amateur World Series Baseball, held here in 1972.

Participating athletes belong to the world’s surfing elite category and no doubt Master attract surfers and other people interested in this sport, he said.

Salinas recalled that the International Surfing Association (ISA) is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the world authority of surfing events so their boast the highest quality.

He also said that traditionally the opening ceremony of the championship includes a parade of the competing nations and representatives present with a handful of sand from their countries to mix them in a single container as a sign of unity.

The effects to be fair in Nicaragua highlighted the creation of jobs in rural areas of the South Pacific, with multiplier effects in all productive sectors.

The Intur estimated that about 10 thousand people will go to the beach to witness live the tournament while an audience of over 100 million people will follow through the media around the world, announced Salinas.

Meanwhile, the company representative Greyline, promoter of tourism in Nicaragua, Lucy Valenti, admitted to surfing as an activity that enhances the economic and social development of the country, with particular benefits for coastal communities.

The official Greyline, which together host the World Championship Intur invited Nicaraguan private enterprise to support the event as an opportunity also for its progress.

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