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The One Sector in Nicaragua That Grew by Over 100%

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Between 2006 and 2012 over 400 new hotels were built in Nicaragua, representing an increase of over 113% percent as the nation continues to post strong tourism numbers in 2013.

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Nicaragua Doubled its Hotel Offer

Between 2006 and 2012 were built 432 new hotels around kind in the country, representing an increase of 113.6% in that period, reflects the report of the Satellite Account of Tourism, disclosed by the Banco Central de Nicaragua, BCN.

Until 2012 were accounted 812 hotels in the country, with a capacity of 11,189 rooms available.

According the BCN, last year is occupied the 66% of the rooms in Nicaragua.

Sandra Mejía, president of the Association of Small Hotels of Nicaragua, Hopen, said the new hotels are fulfilling international requirements, thanks to the training they are receiving.

“Before unaware the theme of hospitality; with all support is note that hotels that are emerging have a line directed to care, the Room measurements, meals, in Anyway, I think has improved a lot”, said Mejía.

In recent six years have improved all tourism indicators, according to authorities.

In 2012 arrived in the country 1.2 million of visitors, which meant an increase of 11.3% from a year 2011.

Addition, tourism generated revenues of U.S. $ 421 500 000, with a growth rate 11.5% respect to 2011.

Because of the flow of tourists who is reaching the country, the capacity of beds also showed in recent six years a growth of 88.6%, going of 9,787, who had in 2006, to 18,467 in 2012, accurate the report.

“The impulse of promotion campaigns Desk, whose results are reflected with increasing flow of visitors, well as the benefits for investments through Law 306, of Incentives for Tourism Industry, are reasons contributing to the growth of the offer “, explained the BCN.

In the statistics are include hotels located in rural areas or coastal the country.

A the couple of the construction of hotels, posts sector labor tourism have also increased.

The chairwoman executive the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism, Intur, Mayra Salinas, declared last month that that sector already generates 168,000 labor positions, of which 28,000 were created in the last year.

“We see that has been an increase important of the activity, that insofar they grow new ventures, new tourism projects, because going to go being much greater”, indicated Salinas.

For its part, the household survey to measure poverty in Nicaragua, disclosed by the International Foundation for Economic Challenge Global, FIDEG, reflects that in Nicaragua the 44.2% of the population dedicates to workings in the tertiary sector.

In specific, 22.2% of the population works in activities commerce, restaurants and hotels, indicated the FIDEG.

This year the Intur has available a portfolio of U.S. 48 USD million for run different projects and until March had been invested another U.S. 35 USD million, according with official information.

Excels 2011
According with the report, the annual evolution the number of rooms and beds available presented a better pace of growth in 2011, when indicators showed growths above 15%.

In 2011 the available supply of beds was of 16,526, distributed in a total of 10,235 rooms. That year the degree of occupation of rooms was 63.1%, said the report of BCN.

That year arrived at Country 1.1 million tourists, mainly by land more (693.574), and then by air (359.985) and by seaports (67,970).

According with the National Plan Sustainable Tourism Development, presented last year by the Intur, Nicaragua has been proposed for the 2020 have a capacity of 21,000 rooms.

The World Tourism Organization, IOM, has said that Nicaragua is the country of Central America that generates less wealth by the activities of tourism.

However, various specialized publications in tourism have highlighted this year to Nicaragua as one of the best tourist destinations in the world, thanks to its natural landscape, because their products and services are cheap, and for his safety.

New projects
To this year the industry contemplates the construction of three new hotels, the Hyatt Place and a Holiday Inn, with 200 rooms between both. Recently also was announced the arrival of a Wyndham Milagro del Mar, on the coast Pacific.

The treasurer of the Association of Tour Operators, Alfredo Gutiérrez, affirmed that by the side of Micro, Small and Medium Companies, offer few new constructions and require improve the quality of their services.

“No possess that international level who demand those customers (…) the micro, small and medium entrepreneur should consider as fundamental basis improve, not only in service but that facilities that are contemplated have the correct conditions”, said Gutiérrez.

The tourism spending
In 2012, activities Tourism characteristic together contributed 73.6% of tourist income, excelling the activity of restaurants (28.5%), followed by supply of hotels (22%), and transport (12.2%).
During 2012 the domestic tourist had the greater consumption, representing the 43.1% of total and its expenditures are concentrated in services restaurants, recreational and transportation.
The tourist receiver (36.1%) is the second of higher consumption. De agreement with Banco Central, visitors from abroad invest in hosting services, restaurants and passenger transport.

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