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This Article Could Destroy the Nicaraguan Real Estate Market

Article Summary:

Nicaragua’s Attorney General’s Office on July 16 delivered to U.S. citizen, Víquez Pollex, a track of land seized by the Sandinista government as part of the commitments of the State of Nicaragua to U.S. citizens to resolve their claims by illegal seizures. Víquez states that hours after the return of his lands a group of armed government men attempted to enter the property he had received only hours earlier from the attorney general himself of Nicaragua.

Photo Credit: Prensa Nigaragua

Original Article Text From Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

Bullets and Threats

I had no 12 hours of entering the farm who fought for 12 years the State of Nicaragua, since it was invaded in the eighties, when to tip bullets were trying to take it away again.

Polex Víquez Eddy, a U.S. citizen, reported yesterday that a group of armed men tried to enter the Monday night on the property he had received from the hands of the attorney general himself of the Republic, Hernán Estrada, only hours before.

The Attorney General’s Office on Monday delivered July 16 at Víquez Pollex a farm family heritage as part of the commitments of the State of Nicaragua by U.S. citizens to resolve their claims by seizures,

Prison guards who had left Víquez afternoon on the property, located at kilometer 16 ½ Carretera Norte, as noted at about 7:00 pm the movement of several men in the dark and scream at them be identified, received several bullets in response.

According to the account of the landlord, the former occupant of the San Jorge, Oscar Ruiz, veteran Sandinista militant course of that party, several neighbors had warned he would not leave the farm easily and would bring “live or killed “their new and rightful occupants.

Pollex Víquez listed the 65 property cases decided by the RMP, as part of the annual commitment of Nicaragua with the United States, to access the waiver or waiver of the property, which allows Nicaragua access funds from international financial organizations.

This guarantee is not yet approved for the period 2012-2013, and his term expires on 29 July.

The complainant, who does not inhabit the farm of 100 apples have been dismantled during the more than 25 years of illegal occupation, said that when he received the news that they had attacked the farm, he immediately called police Tipitapa, where he was told would send a patrol that never came.

According to the story, a police officer appeared at about 10:00 pm in a private car to ask what had happened, when they explained that there had been an exchange of gunfire between guards and suspects, scored some things, promised to return the next morning to question and suggested they put a formal complaint to proceed to the research process. Viquez told the press that reported the case to the PGR and the U.S. Embassy in Managua and studying with his lawyer Ligia Velasquez what legal action taken.

“I spent many years fighting a family owned and now that I’ve recovered, I want to take away the force, and even scares me when I go there embosquen” complained Víquez Pollex.

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