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Thousands Oppose Election of Daniel Ortega, and Fraud is What They See

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In Nicaragua, the suspicion of electoral fraud is not dismissed by its people but is becoming popular outrage and it is evident in the streets of Managua. Thousands of Nicaraguans, who oppose the election of Daniel Ortega are demanding new elections be organized and oversaw by an international body.

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Nicaragua: Thousands Braved the fear and Marched Against Fraud

By: Roberto Fonseca-Strategy & Business
Thousands of Nicaraguans, who oppose the election results last November 6 and the reelection of Daniel Ortega, defied fear and marched several miles from Managua, the capital, demanding new elections organized by the Electoral Power and other international observation at national levels.

The march began at ten o’clock on Saturday 3 and ended at 12:30 pm, without incident. The opposition presidential candidate, Fabio Gadea, the alliance Independent Liberal Party (PLI), who took second place in the last election with more than 31% of the vote, accompanied the march all the way with his running mate Edmundo Jarquin.
According to estimates by organizers mobilized about 10,000 people, most residents of the capital. The National Police deployed its regular forces and riot to prevent incidents and provocations by Sandinista sympathizers.

The march was called by a conglomerate of civil society organizations, who had to make a public collection to ensure the logistics of mobilization. Concluded almost opposite the headquarters of the National Police and about 100 meters from the headquarters of the Supreme Electoral Council, the governing body which received strong reviews and remarks by observer missions from the European Union and the Organization of American States (OAS), for the irregularities in the last election day.

Ignorance results
Violeta Granera, president of the Movement for Nicaragua, reiterated that the personalities and civic organizations that make this civic movement will not recognize the election results on Nov. 6, which led by Daniel Ortega winner with over 62% of the vote, because all violations, irregularities and crimes committed against the Electoral Act and other laws.
“Election fraud, which was confirmed by voters across the country and observed by civic organizations, require us to ignore the results and hold truly free elections and transparent. Otherwise we are obliged to declare as illegal and illegitimate declaration of Ortega, “said Granero.
On 10 January, Ortega will assume a new presidential term of five years, with the support of a legislative majority in the plenary of the National Assembly, with a bed made up of 62 deputies. A correlation figure and legislative power had failed in previous elections.

The civic fighter insisted on calling “ridicule” of “mockery” and “frustration”, electoral fraud reported on 6 November, thousands of Nicaraguans who died in the civil war that was fought in Nicaragua in the 70 decades 80, and for the younger generation seeking to live, work and thrive in Nicaragua.

However, Granera insisted that violate civil and mock the vote, “is opening the path of confrontation” and threatening to impose a dictatorship of the family as Somoza, who exercised power in Nicaragua for over 40 years.

“An illegal and illegitimate power cannot guarantee harmony and national stability,” said civic leader, who reiterated the demand for new elections are truly free and transparent.

Fabio Gadea: I am the constitutional president
Fabio Gadea, 80, walked the path of several kilometers, showing strength and morale. He wore a blue guayabera, linen, and was protected from intense sun with a hat adorned with a white blue and white quotes, patriotic colors.

In several sections of the route, Gadea received hugs and words of encouragement from their supporters. A lady approached the humble place where going and said, “Daniel Ortega the sun hurts to Fabio Gadea strengthens it.”

After the march, spoke Gadea. “Everyone knows that I am the elected constitutional president, stripped,” he told the cheering crowd. He insisted that all votes in favor were fooled by the Sandinista Front fiscal scoundrels, who said that since the early morning hours came to the polls and “pregnant” ballot boxes with ballots in favor of Ortega.
The opposition candidate, longtime radio, said the Nicaraguan voted for a president because he wants honest, respectful of the Constitution and the laws and not corrupt. But he said that the ruling party did not play honestly, and that distributed “as they were playing cards” the cards to children under 15 years, to vote in their favor. In Nicaragua, voting from 16.

Gadea took up the demand for civil society and said that they also want the election of new officers of the Electoral Power, “decent and honorable” that the November 6 elections are declared null and re-done, with national and international observers, What is fear? he asked.

Finally, said the election fraud of November 6, has joined the Nicaraguan people without distinction of political colors, banners, or creed, around a common cause against fraud and illegitimacy.

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