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Tourism Investments Soaring in Central America

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Despite an economic crisis and a bit of uncertainty in the rest of the world, tourism investments in Central America have spiked. They are mainly driven by the interest of international and local companies, who are expected to invest more than $300 million in the hottest regions: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua in 2013.

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CATM fair confirmed in 2012 that Tourism Investment Continues to Grow in Central America

Contrary to what has happened elsewhere in the world, where the crisis and economic uncertainty have beaten strong hotel investments in Central America shows a big spike activity, driven by the interest of international and local companies, that only in the remainder of 2012 and next year will be investing more than $ 300 million in the region.

This transpired in the course of the ninth edition of the Central American Travel Market, CATM 2012, being held these days in the city San Pedro Sula, Honduras, with the assistance of some 120 exhibitors representing countries of the area, and more than 150 international buyers who come to the event attracted by the various offers and products that this region has developed in recent years.

Indeed, this diversity of destinations and tourist proposals offered Central that are helping to increase the number of travelers from their countries, plus other incentives such as low cost and human capital that exists in the region, which has contributed to hotel investors increasingly set their sights on it.

A special report of the Salvadoran newspaper El Mundo devoted to this subject, which is based on official estimates revised again for the start of the fair CATM 2012, notes that most of the investments already confirmed for next month will focus on Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

He reminded about the recent announcement of the Hyatt hotel chain and signature Latam Hotel Corporation, to initiate projects in several cities in these countries, which will add investments by $ 81 million.

For example, this year, the company began construction of the Hyatt Plaza Managua, at a cost of $ 16.2 million. Also in the remainder of 2012 will start two other projects in Honduras, one in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula in another, by $ 46 million between them.

Projections by the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute (Intur), also released these days, in the territory of that country hotel investments will amount to $ 50 million in coming months.

Also in Honduras, El Salvador Agrisal group is committed to building a Holiday Inn hotel in Tegucigalpa, for $ 12 million.

Also, add in that country another ambitious project linked with cruises in the Bay of Tela, which has already been run at least 20% of the budget of $ 30 million for the construction of the resort’s Micos & Golf Resort.

The report said that El Salvador will capture a modest tourism investment in joint projects, and gives examples of the group as the Royal Decameron, which disbursed $ 6 million to expand its existing beach hotel Decameron.

In that nation, most of the investments are paid by micro and small entrepreneurs, and will go to infrastructure improvements, expansion of hotels and establishing small businesses or services. According to the local Ministry of Tourism, these enterprises will exceed one million dollars.

Guatemala, a little behind in this regard, however millionaires is allocating amounts to international advertising to attract more tourism and investments in the future. This strategy has already led some groups and companies begin to assess that country in its development plans.

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