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Reacting to the Ortega Election, U.S. Warns Nicaragua Loan Refusals Might Occur.

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The USA continues to denounce the elections which brought current Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega to power as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned loan refusals might occur for the Central American country as a result of his election.

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Nicaragua, U.S. targeted by Irregularities in Elections

It said in a statement, the State Department already has in his hands the final report of the mission of observers from the Organization of American States (OAS) on the elections that remained in the presidency and Daniel Ortega, he stressed, “says many of the concerns we share about the conduct of recent elections. ”

“The elections were a setback for democracy in Nicaragua and undermined the ability of the Nicaraguan people to their government accountable,” said U.S. Diplomat.

“As pointed observers and civil society groups in Nicaragua, Nicaragua’s recent elections were not conducted in a transparent and fair electoral process and the whole was clouded by serious irregularities,” he said.

The report was presented at the end of the year in verbal form by the chief of mission in Nicaragua, Dante Caputo, but so far the OAS has not revealed whether the final report is ready.

Clinton’s reaction, since before the election had expressed serious doubts Nicaraguan electoral process in the Central American country, indirectly confirms that this document is circulating among members of the hemispheric body and emits several recommendations.

“The OAS report provides a basis for the OAS to evaluate all available initiatives to strengthen democracy in Nicaragua in accordance with the principles enshrined in the Inter-American Democratic Charter,” said Clinton.

In November, the U.S. delegation to the OAS had called the agency to analyze the “state of democracy” in Nicaragua.

In a further step, Secretary of State undertook to do with their “allies in the Americas and elsewhere,” this “evaluation” in order to “ensure that the government of Nicaragua properly implemented the recommendations of the report” .

He also announced that as part of the “review” of the program of assistance to Nicaragua, “The United States will pursue aggressive scrutiny of loan projects in the Inter-American Development Bank and World Bank.”

In this sense, he said, Washington “will oppose any loan proposal that is not up to the high standards of these institutions or do not provide a sufficient impact on development.”

“The United States calls the government of Nicaragua to defend the democratic process and protect universal human rights,” he urged Clinton, who pledged their “support for civil society and promoting human rights” in the Central American country.

“Nicaraguans deserve nothing less than free and fair elections, and leaders accountable to them,” said Secretary of State.

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