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Watch Out Central America, Nicaragua Wants Your Tourists

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Nicaragua’s tour industry is at war with its neighbors for tourists. First step, a full scale media and branding blitz. The goal: think Nicaragua first, above all and every other tourist option in Central America.

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Original Article Text From Prensa Nicaragua via Google Translate :

For High-End Tourism

Tourism is an important economic activity in Nicaragua, not only because it provides more than 300 million dollars for the country but it is a source of direct and indirect employment for thousands of families and their promotion is perhaps one of the few points of consensus that exist in a highly politicized and polarized society.

Gradually the name or “brand” Nicaragua has been placed in the minds of thousands of people around the world on vacation looking for a new destination safe, affordable and above all blessed with numerous natural attractions and hospitable.

The name began to hit Nicaragua in the low-profile tourism sector in the nineties and in the business tourism sector, later in the late nineties in the cruise industry. Very few came to Nicaragua to stay for significant periods of time and average daily spending was less than $ 60.

But no tourist is negligible: the sector of “backpacker” is the first sector of young explorers, willing to travel in discomfort to find new destinations and interact with people. This sector is the one that opens the door to a higher-income tourism, because it is responsible for spreading the word of mouth, their parents and friends, thereby enhancing their experience to others with higher incomes, to venture to know and enjoy it.

Neither are despicable tourists who come for the day aboard a cruise and leave a few dollars in the few crafts and services not previously contracted foreign turoperadoras packages make them tours of some desired destinations such as Granada, Masaya , Corinth, and Leon. They are also responsible for disseminating and promoting the country, if they have a good experience.

But the tourism brand “Nicaragua” to take possession now and I think it is posesionando indeed, is the high-end tourism, which in English is called “high end”. This is the sector that leaves more money into the country and we could define several sectors: retired annuitants to which Nicaragua and has an excellent incentive law, millionaires seeking among other things unique and novel targets that have amenities such as golf courses , and especially that are accessible by air and good roads.

In this sense, without air access, it is unlikely that a tourist destination, more beautiful than it is, obtains develop and attract the tourism sector of high quality. Nicaragua is taking important steps in that direction with the upcoming opening of the airport in San Juan de Nicaragua, Ometepe, improving track of Montelimar and there is talk of a new international airport located near Iguana Beach, with similar characteristics Liberia airport and would be the takeoff point for tourism development of coastal municipalities Rivas Tola and San Juan del Sur: Guacalito Island, Aqua, Rancho Santana, Punta Teonoste, and all existing supply San Juan del Sur and the beaches north and south of this bay.

This paired with the construction of the coastal road that goes to Guacalito Tola and Wellness Resort and Aqua side of San Juan del Sur to Playa El Coco and El Ostional, will have an extraordinary effect on tourist arrivals Nicaragua to leave 300 to a thousand dollars a day during their stay in the country.

The investment is already underway in these destinations to create conditions to attract this sector of high-end tourism, is simply stunning, particularly the flagship of the Pellas family, Guacalito of the island where I recently had the opportunity to be . This investment must be a mixed investment, government and private sector and should transcend politics and government, as it is in the interest of all the success of Nicaragua to develop its tourism potential. The author is deputy for the Nicaraguan Democratic Caucus

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