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Who Spends What When Visiting Nicaragua?

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On average, visitors entering Nicaragua by air generate more revenue than those entering by land, about $30 more per day. It seems that South Americans, Europeans, and Americans are big spenders and those visiting from Central America tend to spend very little.

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Tourists Spend More

The expenditure of tourists entering the country increased by a dollar, driven mainly by visitors entering the country by air.

According to the Quarterly Survey of Tourism, published by the Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN) in the first three months of average daily spending per visitor was 41.6 dollars, while in the last quarter of 2011 were reported as an expense of 40.6 dollars.

Visitors entering the country by air are those that generate more revenue. According to the official report, the tourists who entered thus spent about $ 70 a day, while those arriving by land left alone 26.8 per day, similar to that reached by water (26.3 dollars).

In breaking down the data by region from which the visitor can see that the South Americans are the biggest spenders (59.8 dollars), followed by Americans (55.5 dollars) and Europeans (53.7 dollars).

Tourists who spend the least are those from other Central American countries (27.8 dollars).

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