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3 Ways Panama Outranks Costa Rica

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Panama placed second in the “ranking” of competitiveness of Latin American countries. Outranking its neighbor, Costa Rica, in technology, infrastructure, and macroeconomic stability.

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Chile and Panama, the most competitive

Panama ranked second in the “ranking” of competitiveness of Latin American countries, with Chile that continues to lead the firm, as estimated by the Institute for Competitiveness ADEN Business School, for the month of October 2012.

The results show that Panama prevailed in areas such as access to technology, remaining the market leader in Latin America, with an average of 5.3 and in infrastructure is second, behind Brazil, according to the report of Aden.

However, there is a group of four countries comprising Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay can be considered a good competitive level, as recorded significant progress, particularly in the areas of infrastructure, technology and macroeconomic stability.

The classification involves 18 countries representing 99% of gross domestic product (GDP) of Latin America.

Panama separated by 1.79 points based on 100 of the other countries that follow as 72.91 Costa Rica, Brazil 72.2, Mexico with 71.77, 71.63 and Uruguay recorded. The latter obtained the highest score in relation to health and institutionalization.

Trapé Alexander, director of the ADEN and regional macroeconomics specialist, said that “ranking is intended to meet the competitive positioning of the Latin American countries.”

According to the report, Chile reached the highest score of 81.4 on the basis of 100, competing with Panama who scored 74.7, excelling in areas such as technology and infrastructure, while it reaches Costa Rica in the institutional aspect and records better health. Brazil leads in terms of infrastructure.

“In the last two measurements we made in the months of April and October 2012 was that Panama is in a very beneficial position for second place out of 18 countries, but stressed that care must be taken in the capital market , because the economy of Panama is booming, but the rate of growth of this sector represents almost 5% of the country’s economic performance, “said Trapé.

He said that “it is no accident nor is the product of the last few months, because all measurements we have done consistently is always behind Chile Panama, but explained that this time the countries that are below their average increased more than the Isthmus, and recommended further work in sectors such as agriculture or coverage of basic needs, institutional and macroeconomic stability.

“The most important thing I can emphasize in Panama and Costa Rica is that they are two small countries in terms of territory and population, which are competing with the big economies like Mexico, for its size, Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela in the first positions as in the big leagues, “said Trapé.

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  • GMan2012

    Competitiveness leads to ruthlessness, cut throat, dog eat dog mentality. Not a place I want to live. Give me good quality wholesome down to the earth honest people who genuinely care about the well being of others. That’s where I want to be.

  • Careless

    That’s why I want USA. A real jungle to make money fast and easy. To big to fail

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