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Aeroperlas Flights Stop Mid-Air

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The domestic airline Aeroperlas suspended operations in Panama on February 29. A statement on their website reads “The resolution is specific to particular market conditions and the business model of the airline.” 

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Original Article Text From Panama America via Google Translate :

Aeroperlas suspends operations in Panama

The Aeroperlas domestic airline suspended operations in Panama starting this Wednesday, February 29, because their business model completely redesigned, based on trends and current market conditions in Panama, was reported in a statement. “The process of suspension is in compliance with current legislation, “he said in the press release from the company.

This also includes the sectors related to operations: suppliers, distribution channels, employees and customers. As for employees, Aeroperlas, which belongs to Avianca, Taca, and began the process of compensation, while in the case of The airline said customers will be reimbursed in respect of whom bought their plane tickets and have not traveled.

Users of the airline, which began operations in 1969 – can communicate with representatives of Aeroperlas to phone 378-6000 to learn What is the status of their cases and agree on how to materialize the reimbursement process. Existing users also began their journey should contact the airline by telephone.

Aeroperlas operated from the airport Marcos A. Gelabert, located in Albrook, Panama City, to the provinces of Chiriqui, Bocas del Toro and Contadora Island with a connection to international flights from Tocumen International Airport. According to company reports in 2011 transported to 113 222 thousand passengers in 2010 and another 110 000 979, representing a slight increase of 2.02%.

So far operated in Panama just two domestic airlines: Aeroperlas and Air Panama. The Civil Aviation Authority reported that the passenger was a recovery in 2011 to grow 7.33%, after declining 11% reported the previous year.

In the statement which gives its decision, Aeroperlas said, without going into details, which “hopes that, in unity with the judgment of the authorities, can be-a-future, designing a new operating model that contributes to economic exchange, social and cultural development of the Republic of Panama.”

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