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Bring on the Bidding War! Costa Rica and Panama Fighting for Convention Tourism Dollars

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Central American neighbors Costa Rica and Panama both have convention center projects in the pipe-line and both are bidding against each other in order to cash in on the growing sector of Convention Center Tourism.

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Costa Rica and Panama are Bidding Convention Tourism

Despite the proposition of integration, Costa Rica is ready to diversify their products, which will start, as in Panama, the construction of a convention center in an area of ​​strong convergence of the capital city.

The value of infrastructure is U.S. $ 80 million, like the Convention Center Amador, Panama, have a dimension of 15,000 square meters.

Costa Rica each year about 2.3 million tourists, of which 300,000 are from Europe and 1 million come from the United States and Canada.

Among its most important segments are the Congress, ecotourism, adventure, sun and beach, mountain, rural tourism and medical tourism.

The tourist profile of the right is between 45 and 55 years, traveling as a family whose annual income exceeds $ 100,000.

Allan Flores, Minister of Tourism of Costa Rica, said that although his country is well established internationally as a tourist destination, are betting on one of the segments generated plus the convention.

The reason for the decision, he pointed out is due to the fact that there is great demand for conferences and conventions, however, does not have sufficient infrastructure “and no infrastructure, it is difficult to compete.”

He explained that it will start from November, the construction of the “Convention Center of Costa Rica”, which will be built in San Jose, near the Juan Santamaria Airport.

Its funding will come from the state said that and two of its major banks such as Banco Nacional and Banco de Costa Rica.

The Panamanian tourist associations are aware of this reality, do not remove your finger from the screed. Jaime Campuzano, President of the Congress and Convention Bureau, acknowledged that the biggest target in the next five years for the country for conferences and conventions.

He acknowledged that connectivity through Panama has become, little by little, in the center of medium-American conventions, which are those that can be done in the Atlapa and hotels.

Therefore, opted to build the Convention Center Amador, which is expected to be ready in 2014.

He said that this structure will allow dimensions to compete with other markets where they do that kind of events, such as Puerto Rico.

“It can hold two or three simultaneous conferences, which allow more seats occupied on flights,” he said Campuzano.

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