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Bring us Your Conventions: Panama Outlines 2012 Tourism Goals

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Panama hopes to become “the place” for corporate conventions in 2012 as it begins construction on a new convention center, while also setting into place a marketing campaign for the beaches of Taboga Island.

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Three Major Goals for this Year
Consolidate Panama as a destination for congresses and conventions, the construction of a convention center and the positioning of Taboga Island as a tourist destination, there are three objectives for this year has raised the Tourism Authority of Panama.

The first is to take advantage of the United States ranked Panama among the countries in which citizens and businesses can make their congresses, events, fairs and conventions, deducting taxes.

As for the new convention center to be located in Amador, its construction is scheduled to begin later this year and part of its funding from the funds will be obtained from the sale of the land on which is the center Atlapa convention.
It is estimated that the new convention center will cost between 120 and 150 million dollars and the specifications are pending approval.

According to the administrator of the ATP, in this 2102 also seeks to turn Taboga in a beach resort that will feed the hotels in the city of Panama.

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