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Community Pleads for Roads in Cerro Hoya

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Still using horseback to get around, residents are asking for adequate roads, and bridges be built in their sector of Cerro Hoya National Park. This southwestern tip of Azuero Peninsula is ripe for ecotourism, but its growth has been continually crippled by lack of infrastructure.

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Original Article Text From La Prensa via Google Translate :

Area residents of Cerro Hoya construction of roads and bridges
The president of the foundation of Cerro Hoya National Park, Timothy Vazquez, asked the government to build bridges and the improvement of the road to the region inhabited by residents of some 20 communities in the provinces of Los Santos and Veraguas.

 Vázquez said to reach this region of the Azuero Peninsula have to cross more than 14 rivers that have neither bridges, culverts and fords, which prevents vehicles from reaching the area. He recalled that the 40-kilometer road that leads this region has not been returned to rehabilitate from the management of former president Mireya Moscoso.
To get out of that sector for the way they do on horseback when the channels permit and by sea by boat. By the latter means of transport mobilization is high fuel costs. The Cerro Hoya National Park was designed to preserve 32 000 557 hectares and is located on the southwestern tip of the Azuero Peninsula, where there ecotourism potential.

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