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Convention Tourism Dominated by Panama and Costa Rica

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Many countries of the region compete for organizing events and conferences whose participants spend on average $1,200 per day. Panama, Colombia, and Costa Rica are each building new convention centers to be opened in 2014, a major effort that aims to achieve a good slice of the cake that is convention tourism.

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Region on the hunt for convention

Thre three countries plan to open at the beginning of that year, major convention and conference centers, although Costa Rica’s already had its first setback for the ICT omission that caused the Comptroller annul the award. All are after a slice of cake, according to estimates by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA, for its acronym in English), amounts to $ 600 million in foreign exchange annually.

The most ambitious project is the neighbor’s border, it is estimated will cost between $ 120 and $ 150 million put in place.

According to the publication canal Panama America , the new center will be built in an area of 13 hectares in the area known as the Amador Causeway, along the Panama Canal. To finance it, the government sold its first space facilities for conventions, Atlapa.

The Amador Convention Center will have a display area of ​​15,000 square meters, ie three times the capacity of Atlapa, allowing you to meet two or three exhibitions at a time.

Meanwhile, Bogota is building the International Convention Centre in that city, estimated investment of $ 140 million. This is a building of 24,000 square meters will have an auditorium for 4,000 people, 15 rooms large and medium scale, a food for 2,000 individuals and 2,200 parking spaces.

The bet no wonder, since it ICCA Bogota placed sixth in Latin America in its ranking of countries and cities leading tourism convention. Buenos Aires holds the first place, followed by Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Meanwhile, the plan of Costa Rica is opening a center of 15,000 square meters, with an exhibition hall of 6,000, three times larger than it does the Ramada Plaza Herradura.The space is located in an area of ​​13 hectares in Barreal de Heredia and the cost of the project total $ 30 million.

Although the projection is to begin operating in eighteen months, the center has found its first hurdle in the process of allocation of the company that would develop the final project and monitor its work.

Meanwhile, the rest of Central America has not been left behind.

In late 2009, Honduras began operating the Convention Center José Argüello Felipe Carazo, with capacity for 2,800 people.”According to the decision of the Comptroller, you must be awarded or reallocated as appropriate.”

Juan Carlos Borbon General Manager, ICT “Central America is still not much competition. Costa Rica has good image as a sustainable destination. “Paul Solano Executive Director, CRCVB
$ 1,200 Average spending of a tourist business during their stay in Costa Rica, according CRCVB. $ 600Million annual foreign exchange generated by tourism convention in the world.

15,000 Square meters of exhibition area that will have the new convention center in Panama.

Also, since 1965, El Salvador created the space now called the International Trade Fair and Convention, which has over 18,000 square meters distributed in seven halls and six locations.

Despite its age, the Government spent about $ 4 million between 2004 and 2008 for remodeling.More competitionPaul Solano, chief executive of Costa Rica Convention Bureau (CRCVB), believes that Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba represent greater competition for Costa Rica in terms of convention tourism.

To that list must be added to Brazil, which ranks first in Latin America to the top by ICCA.Data of Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) indicate that the 2.1 million tourists visited our country last year, 13% did so for business.In addition, the absolute numbers of visitors increased from 260,865 this type in 2006 to 285,552 in 2011 (increased by 9.4%).

Meanwhile, private schools also enroll new investments. The Ramada invests $ 5.5 million to expand its meeting space and does the same with Intercontinental $ 12 million in a room of 2,000 square meters to house up to 2,700 people.

First obstacle
Although everything was smooth sailing for the Convention Center of Costa Rica, on April 20, the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) set aside the award made by the ICT consortium HKS & Associates to prepare the final draft, but not the consortium’s proposal.

According to the resolution R-DCA-194-2012, CGR determined that the ICT failed exhaustive research on compliance with requirements by a professional linked to HKS.The individual in question is the architect Carlos Ramirez Duran, who, upon winning the tender, was not registered with the Social Security Fund (CCSS).

The document notes that the ICT did not comply with Regulation N ° 8449-issued by the Fund, which indicates that if the natural or legal person is not registered, the institution responsible shall investigate the reasons for this situation.

Juan Carlos Borbon, ICT general manager, told EF that the institution did make an inquiry but was insufficient to the Comptroller.Bourbon added that delays of this type were included in the schedule of the center and that construction will continue scheduled to begin in January 2013 and is expected to last 12 monthsThus, the country aims to compete with neighbors for a share of that $ 600 million annually.

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