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Costa Rica and Panama Highest Ranking Latin America Countries on List of World Best Countries

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Newsweek gave Chile the 30th position in the world, Costa Rica 35th and Panama the 41st, which represents the top three spots of Latin America in the list of the World’s Best Countries.

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Chile, Costa Rica And Panama Are The Best Countries In Latin America, According To Newsweek

While the economic, military power, population size and wealth of raw materials are important for a country, not always determine the quality of life for its inhabitants.

This was highlighted by the ranking of the best in the world that produces the famous magazine Newsweek. On this occasion include Chile (ranked 30), Costa Rica (since 35) and Panama (site 41) as the best positioned in Latin America.

The publication makes this ranking based on scores of issues such as education, health, quality of life, the political and economic dynamism.

Chile, obtained a score of 74.1, which places him in 30th place. Also held positions in education 51, 26 in health, quality of life 47, 30 and 24 political environment economic dynamism.

For its part, Costa Rica achieved an overall score of 69.9, and is ranked 54 in education, 29 health, 44 in quality of life, 28 and 70 political environment in economic dynamism.

Panama has an overall rating of 68.5. Is at position 43 in education, 34 health

67 in quality of life, 35 and 51 political environment in economic dynamism.

The top of the global list are held by Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Luxembourg, Norway, Canada, Holland, Japan, Denmark, USA, Germany, New Zealand, UK, South Korea, France, Ireland, Austria , Belgium, Singapore, Spain, Israel, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal, Croatia and Poland.

Latin American position
The other Latin American countries occupy the following positions: Peru (42), Uruguay (44), Mexico (45), Argentina (46), Brazil (48), Cuba (50), Dominican Republic (55), Colombia (62), Paraguay (68), Ecuador (70), Venezuela (71), El Salvador (72), Nicaragua (75), Honduras (76), Bolivia (77) and Guatemala (84).

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