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Environmental Impact Study Root of Indigenous Protesting in Panama

Article Summary:

The Environmental Impact Assessment of the Barro Blanco Hydroelectric, sitting on the Tabasará river, is the center of the conflict with the indigenous Ngobe Bugle, as the accuracy of the report is now in question. It raises a red flag for the protesting indigenous and brings into question the Panamanian government’s actions.

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Environmental Study In Question Panamanian Hydroelectric

Several environmentalists support the claims of the Ngöbe against the project that builds the Isthmus Generating Company, SA (Genisa), thanks to what they call a wrong decision of ANAM as the EIA reveals affectations and contradictions.
Jose Gonzalez of Panama Oilwatch, Raisa Banfield, director of Sustainable

Panama, and the expert Arturo Dominici Arosemena, say lack of rigor in the approval of the EIA of the project and ask for the realization of a new study.

The White Clay EIA notes that 992 people will be affected by the construction of the project, of which 459 reside in five communities in the district township NgÃñbe bakama Bugle.

This contradicted versions Genisa managers that the project will not affect people, so no need of resettlement, but six indigenous communities are being forced to the forced sale of their properties.

According to the EIA, there were 106 trees per hectare flooded. The company would flood 234 hectares, the study notes 190 and up to 258 now which means cutting down almost 30 thousand trees instead of the 20 000 reported by Genisa.

Banfield warned that these differences could constitute an offense against the possibility that they are falsifying data. Gonzalez cataloged historical reality of ANAM approved EIA with false, and that Arosemena is destroying the environment without proper evaluation.

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