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Find a Solution NOW!: Panama Business Suffers Great Loss, Solution Needed.

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Long clashes between authorities and natives in the province of Chiriqui, Panama are now an economic burden for entrepreneurs and producers and jeopardizes the glowing reputation Panama has created in international financial, tourism, logistic markets.

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Political Situation and Business Concerns and Producers

Have long clashes between authorities and natives in the province of Chiriqui social transferred to become an economic concern for entrepreneurs and producers.

And is that more than a week of protests, jeopardizing the reputation that Panama has been done in international financial markets, experts said.

In addition to the difficulties in supplying food to the population, the producers’ investment and the trade agenda of employers are hanging by a thread.

That is why traders say feel frustration and concern, so that cry out on the authorities to reach an agreement with the Indians, otherwise, losses in tourism, logistics, agriculture, to name a few, will be greater .

Severo Sousa, president of the Association of Members of the Colon Free Zone (CFZ), explained that the shipment of goods to Central America has been harmed.

This is because the main mode of transportation is by land and although the sea and air are options, cost and capacity requiring its use is complicated.

He noted that customers of the free zone can wait days for your goods arrive, but not weeks, so just the sale is lost.

Last year, according to official figures, 15% of re-exports to Central America was land.
The carriers are not far from this reality.

Yesterday afternoon, the Association of Cargo Carriers of Panama met to discuss the situation being experienced.

Hector Nunez, president of the guild, said that just at this dry season where there is greater mobilization of fruits for export.

And now when they can not get where your customers. He said that some dare to cross the road late at night, however, are stoned by protesters.

Asked to generate a real dialogue between the Government and Protestant, because business is not turning out.

The Association of Transport has a fleet of 800 trucks belonging to 39 companies. Of these amounts, 100 trucks travel daily to the province of Chiriqui in search of merchandise.

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