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Tourists Trapped for 7 Days, Thanks to The Mining Dispute Between the Panama Government and Indigenous Tribes

Article Summary:

Tourist stranded in the dispute between Panamanian officials and protesting indigenous tribes were rescued by national police forces who were in the process of restoring free movement of the highway. The travelers have been held in the intercontinental route since last Monday, January 30.

Photo Credit: Panama America

Original Article Text From Panama America via Google Translate :

Foreigners held in Panamerican Highway are removed

The people of Costa Rican nationality, Nicaragua, Argentina and Canada that were retained in the impoundment of vehicles in various parts of the American Way, managed to be removed in the buses of the places they came, said the National Police.

This happens after the National Police begin operations for the restoration of free movement and release of people held in the intercontinental route which is closed since last Monday, January 30.

Police added that vehicular traffic has resumed in places like Horconcitos, San Lorenzo and San Juan.

So far, no record of people arrested or injured, ensures comuncado of the police force, which itself reports that 4 police officers were injured by the impact of stones were thrown against them in an activity that has not had to the participation of the State Border Service (SENAFRONT)

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