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Here Is the Cheapest Place to Live in Latin America…and It’s Not Ecuador

Article Summary:

A global study of the cost of living published by the EIU ranks the most expensive and cheapest cities in the world. While Tokyo continues to hold the top spot for the priciest places to live in; Panama City, Panama placed 8th among the world’s cheapest places to live.

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Panama City cheapest – It is the Only City in the Continent on the List

Global Survey Cost of Living is published twice a year by the EIU and compare hundreds of prices on 160 products and services, influencing things as food, drink, rent, utilities, education costs and household items.

The 10 least expensive cities
1. Karachi, Pakistan
2. Mumbai, India
3. New Delhi, India
4. Kathmandu, Nepal
5. Algiers, Algeria
6. Bucharest, Romania
7. Colombo, Sri Lanka
8. Panama City, Panama
9. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
10. Tehran, Iran

Top 10 most expensive cities
1. Tokyo, Japan (up one place)
2. Osaka, Japan (up one place)
3. Sydney, Australia (up four places)
4. Oslo, Norway (up one place)
5. Melbourne, Australia (up four places)
6. Singapore (up three places)
7. Zurich, Switzerland (down six places)
8. Paris, France (down two places)
9. Caracas, Venezuela (up 25 places)
10. Geneva, Switzerland (down seven places)

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  • Robert in Canada

    Caracas is 9th most expensive city in the world thanks to the destructive policies of comrade Chavez.

    Now the poorest people in Caracas will suffer the most. That’s so typical when you get left wing anti-business governments in power.

    • Ritt M Oney

      Or, the progress being made in this Bolivarian utopia is simply being reflected in some guy’s real estate list.

  • Wade K.

    These stats are being read wrong. Panama City may be one of the cheapest places on THAT list comparing cities, but no way is it the cheapest city in Latin America. Numerous cities in Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, and especially Nicaragua and Bolivia would be much cheaper.

  • charlie

    and certainly panama city is the most expensive place in Panama to live as well.

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