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Here’s the Strongest Housing Market in Panama

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Although during the first six months of 2013 building permits decreased by 18% compared to 2012, residential investment grew by 27%. The town of Juan Diaz had the strongest growth with 24% of total investments in the district of Panama. Standing out the most in this area was the construction of houses, apartment buildings, businesses and other things.

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Decreases building permits and residential investment grows

Although, according to the Panamanian Chamber of Construction (CAPAC), in the first half of building permits Panama District had a decrease of 18% compared to 2012, private residential investment increased by 27% .

Public investment fell by 47% and 6% private at the mall.
The analysis prepared by the Department of Statistics of Capac details that were invested 621 000 210 000 000 845 U.S. dollars in the construction of apartment buildings and 65 million $ 511 297 000 single-family homes.
Although investment in buildings was higher, 52 units were built, while the number of single-family homes totaled 2,753.

However, the figures are evidence that investing in apartment buildings increased by 54% during the first half of 2013, with respect to the first of 2012, and although the investment amount for single family homes decreased by 20%, increased as built units.

In 2012 the amount invested for the construction of houses in the first half was 82 million 125 thousand 959 U.S. dollars, higher than that of 2013, however, 2,174 were built, much less than that recorded this year.
On the other hand, the largest amount of investment occurs in the village of Juan Diaz, representing 24% of total investment in the Municipality of Panama, highlighting the construction of houses, apartment buildings, galleries and shops or deposits.

Business investment total for the first half of 2013 decreased by 35%, according Capac.

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