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Hotel Parking in Panama – It’s Going to Cost You

Article Summary:

Panamanian hotels are following the trend in the U.S. and Europe and starting to charge their customers for parking services.

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Original Article Text From Prensa via Google Translate :

Hotels are added to the charge for parking

Some hotels in the capital city are charging for parking vehicles or service “valet parking”, previously provided free of charge to their customers.

Some already have established local rates while others evaluate the implementation of the measure.

The Westin Hotel East Coast charges $ 4 Monday to Saturday by the use of parking, while on Sundays the service is free.

“Charging for the use of parking and is a general trend in the country” in buildings, hospitals and shopping centers, said Sarah Brown, CEO of Westin.

With this additional revenue, hotels cover expenses in parking lots, for example changing lighting when damaged, said the entrepreneur.

Not being a widespread practice in all the hotels, in rooms where charges should be told to customers, said Jesus Sierra, president of the Panamanian Association of Hotels (Apatel).
In this way, customers will be aware and will not take them by surprise, since being a new business model in Panama people are unaware that they must pay.

The hotel leader recalled that in other Latin American countries already adopted charge for the use of parking lots, and in the United States and Europe is running for years.

Among the hotels that charge for parking are the Sheraton, the Trump Ocean Club and Miramar Intercontinental, Westin addition to the above. A list could be added soon Riu, which is evaluating it operational from next January, with a value of $ 2.

Citizens will also have to lie pockets to park their vehicles in some malls.

Multiplaza Pacific, Oak within the business group, has conditioned its facilities to proceed to recover the parking lots, but the initiative has not yet been executed.

Years ago Multicenter competitor entry controls installed for this purpose, but the action was unsuccessful.

Jakarta Rios, president of the Ethical Consumer organization, said that despite being a service offered, you should not be charged to those who use hotels in events and activities paid.
He reported that there are hotels that are taken from public easements (sidewalks) and parking area and then charge customers.

Rivers urged hotels to make formal requests to the municipalities to solve the problem of parking, an evil that is permanent capital.

$ 4
Is the average rate adopted by some hosting centers.
$ 2
It is the fee charged if the same driver parks his vehicle.
$ 0.03
It is the average rate per minute charged by many locals using their parking lots.

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