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IDB Pledges Funds Toward Pacific Corridor Highway, Connecting Mexico to Panama

Article Summary:

The Inter American Development Bank (IDB) has pledged U.S. $1 billion to finance the construction of a four-lane road leading from the border from Mexico to Panama on the Pacific coast.

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IDB provides Funding for Regional Route

The president Otto Perez Molina said the project, to run the medium term, it was announced yesterday by IDB President Luis Moreno, during a meeting held in New York.

Perez Molina, who is in the United States to take part tomorrow in the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN), said the IDB’s interest arose after their technical studies made and submitted in November in Guatemala when Moreno visit the country.

The Inter American Development Bank (IDB) has U.S. $ 1 billion to finance the construction of a four-lane road would border from Mexico to Panama on the Pacific coast.

Sources reported that the presidency of this regional loan to Guatemala we are about U.S. $ 240 million, including the aforementioned work and others are in development.

Will invitation
Tomorrow, during his 15-minute speech, Perez Molina in plenary invited member countries to upgrade the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, adopted in 1961 that governs the world’s drug policy.

Yesterday, Perez Molina participated in the Debate on the State of Law, where he highlighted the role of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala, which he said has helped solve several cases.

Also offered interviews to several television networks as CNN in Spanish, Fox News and Telemundo, where he was questioned about his proposal to decriminalize drugs.

Last night I participated with other heads of state at a reception hosted by the U.S. president. UU., Barack Obama.

Plan against hunger receives distinction
Perez Molina met yesterday with former U.S.. UU. Bill Clinton, whose foundation awarded recognition for Zero Hunger initiatives and Window of the Thousand Days.

Also spoke with Jeffrey Sachs, UN adviser on hunger issues, who was presented the Zero Hunger pact.

Retrieved, businessman Emilio Mendez, initiative I have something to give, he said: the award “is a compromise, because we receive international recognition requires all stakeholders to be responsible in this matter.”

The president has several meetings in EE. UU.
Today, meeting with Secretary General of the OAS, José Miguel Insulza, and the Permanent Mission of Guatemala to spread alternative strategies against drug trafficking.

Meeting with leaders of the migrant community in New York.
Tomorrow, meeting with the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, and participation in the General Assembly.

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