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Investors Ride Growth of Panama Surf Town With 100% Occupancy

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The influx of visitors has encouraged domestic and foreign entrepreneurs to invest in new projects at Panama’s Premier surf location, Pedasi, where hotels are recording 100% occupancy rates.

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The full surf Pedasi hotels

03/28/2012 – 12:00:00 AM – PANAMA. The hotels in Pedasi has 193 rooms and 510 beds in about 25 hotels of various specifications. Touring the region can see several buildings that promise to increase these numbers. Among the new investments in the area are resort hotels with pool and at least 20 luxury cabins. Pedasi alone is spectacular, responds to demand sun, beach and sport of the waves, which has led to several foreigners and Panamanians plans to build a more expensive market segment, expanding the supply of this destination.

NATURAL Surfing is one of the main attractions that entice visitors who arrive in search of excitement in Venao beach. Annually in place for hosting international events and national championships. This causes the hotels achieved a 100% occupancy. international tourism experts say that traditionally surfers in search of waves have found a strategic place to practice their sport.

FACILITIES Pedasi hotels have in common an average of 9 rooms ranging from hostels, guesthouses, small hotels and luxurious facilities like Villa Marina Villa Camilla and the sea, among others.

ALTERNATIVE Another economic activities that have raised the standard of living and led investments in the region is real estate. Many retirees have chosen the coast of Pedasi to build their second home. banking facilities operated by branches of National Bank and Savings Bank, the existence of ATMs, new restaurants, hotels and a gas station provide services appreciate that the retirees, being approximately 45 minutes from the nearest town (Tables).

According to estimates by the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) for the Reef Classic last event of the sixth stage of the Latin American Surfing Championships, organized by ALAS, 130 surfers came to Pedasi for four days. To this are added 30 visitors more related to the event and it is estimated that in total this sports meeting brought 800 hotel nights.

Therefore, the ATP and announces a new international event Dakine ISA World Junior Surfing Championship 2012 to be held from 14 to 22 April and is expected to attract about 500 visitors. Organizers say that all hotels, houses, cooks and restaurants will be busy for more Pedasi 10 days.

Pedasi is located in the province of Los Santos in the southern part and its charms are related to folklore, beaches and waves, which attract thousands of surfers each year. also has an airport whose domestic flights lasting less than an hour to and from the airport at Albrook in Panama City.

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