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Is There Really a Tourism Boom in Panama?

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Depending on whose numbers you believe, Panama seems to be widening its lead over Costa Rica as a leading tourist destination in Central America. In terms of who is growing faster, the answer depends on how each country defines a tourist.

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Tourism boom in Panama

Last year, Costa Rica welcomed a record 2.2 million tourists. Meanwhile, Panama received 1.7 million in just the past six months, an increase of 5.2% compared with the same period last year, while profits were $ 1.1 billion, an increase of 20 %.

It is a cliché of travel brochures that any country has “something for everyone”, but Panama is close to the situation.

You may not have the medical services in Costa Rica, or the waves of El Salvador. However, it has facilities such as the recently announced Waldorf Astoria, to high-end travelers. Other niche markets ranging from ecotourism to backpacker hostels.

Neither the Panamanian tourism strategy have all your eggs in one basket. Dominated by American visitors, but arrivals from South America are growing much more significant.

In terms of who is growing faster, the answer depends on how each country defines a tourist.

More business travelers who come to Panama to the rest of Central America combined, attracted great public works projects, especially the new channel, and because the country has become the regional headquarters of dozens of multinationals.

These people are not tourists, yet, spend money in Panama.

There are problems. Some tour operators claim that there is not enough air links. Others have complained that a boom in hotel construction, is causing a drop in occupancy rates.

Other countries in the region want to have such problems.

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