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Jobs Await Foreigners in Panama

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Need work? Have a skilled trade? Employment in Panama awaits.

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Aliens take jobs for 2014

More and foreigners entering the country in search of new employment opportunities in Panama, and is expected to increase by 2014 the employment of foreigners, and was announced Rubén Lachman, president of Consultant firm Intracorp SA Lachman said yesterday in the press conference ‘Impact of the Economy in the Private Sector, organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Panama, only 4.9%, which represents about 500 of the 10,219 foreigners who have labor contracts, (according to the Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development) of arriving earn $ 2,000 per month.

Of these 10,219, about 7,514 are men and 2,705 are women. This is because according to the specialist that foreigners have a competitive educational level goes hand in hand with the requirements of the private sector. , adding that top the million Panamanians of 3.802 million (according to World Bank figures), is on a salary average of $ 700 a month.

Lachman he said cup employment must double by 2018 due to the growth of the country that is on a scale of 3.9% globally, which indicates that they could be more than 2 million people working. specialist said that the unemployment rate in 2010 was 6.8%, and by 2011 had fallen to 4.7%, followed by 2012 reflecting the 4.2% mean and by 2014, the figure was reduced by up to 4.0% and, even knowing that in Panama there is no trained professionals.

Lachman found that this not be a problem, because from now are importing professionals to fill these positions, increasing migration of outsiders. Juan Jované said that 36% representing about 360,000 Panamanians have informal wage contract, and that most are not paid insurance. He said it is not necessary to bring abroad, you should invest in education and strengthen it, and questioned the 4.9% foreigners charged more than $ 2,000, whereas most are management positions.

Among the sectors that have affected this year in the country is the Colon Free Zone and agriculture, according to informed Frank De Lima, Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF), which indicated that both sectors should change their style and look to the future, requirements to enter the country’s market. however, for President of Producers of industrial tomatoes Panama, Celestino Rivera, which requires the producer to have updated technology and, above all, that the state invest in the sector agriculture, because even they work outdoors. De Lima concluded that for the coming year, the big challenge will be to have skilled labor and education a fundamental part of the growth.

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