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Land Speculators Rejoice! Panama Spends More on Infrastructure than Food Production

Article Summary:

In the past five years, Panama has allocated more financial resources to the construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation of roads within the country than it has to the needs of the country’s agricultural sector.

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Original Article Text From La Estrella via Google Translate :

Panama Spends More on Roads than on Foo
In the past five years, the Government has allocated more resources to the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of roads in the research, production, marketing, financing and insurance of agricultural production.

In the period in question, the Ministry of Works Public (MOP) was 2.980 million as general budget $ 200 469 000. The amount is divided into operation, with 186 million 113 thousand 800 dollars, and investment, with 2.794 million 355 thousand 400 dollars. However, the state gear that has to do with the agricultural sector, comprised of seven entities related to the agricultural sector and food-have been together just 1.435 million 938 thousand 644 U.S. dollars in budget.

The entities are: Ministry of Agricultural Development Authority Panamanian Food Safety, Institute of Agricultural Research of Panama, in addition to the Aquatic Resources Authority of Panama. also include the Institute of Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural Development Bank and the Institute of Agricultural Insurance. Ironically, agriculture is mentioned as one of the pillars of the Strategic Plan in government administration of President Ricardo Martinelli. However, for the little resource, which traditionally receives the unprotected sector is responsible for producing food, reality seems to be another.

This year (2012), MOP received a total of 755 000 000 533 000 $ 300, while the set of seven agricultural entities totaled just 306 000 000 345 000 944 U.S. dollars. This represents approximately a difference of more than double the budget for agricultural institutions, could be calculated according to the Official Gazette.

Rodrigo Arauz, president of the Latin American Fund for Irrigated Rice said that ‘it is a contradiction that MOP receives more resources than the MIDA, when the first institution does not comply to the agro with the construction of roads production’. This – said not only is given in administration, because ministers get that job ‘unable’ to develop the sector, not only by lack of resources but also by the lack of a defined agricultural policy.

‘Martinelli administration speaks of cold chain ‘, but why create a new system if there is no safeguard food? What do you want the president, more imported food be refrigerated? He is also past president of the Rice Producers Association said Chiriqui that ‘the budget allocated agriculture is negligible, despite the importance given to be the primary sector of each country, but in Panama the great resources are managed by other institutions that do not have to ensure food security in the country. ”

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  • Robert in Canada

    What a stupid article. The writer obviously has no understanding of how a country becomes a better place for all it’s people to live.

    Infrastructure has to stay a few steps ahead of the business and social development curve so that people can have a better future.

    Secure food supply, education, health care, social services, and good jobs all rely on business development and good infrastructure that is continually being upgraded.

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