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Looking Beyond the Traditional US and European Tourist

Article Summary:

Panama’s tourism statistics are growing, and in order to sustain this growth, Panama must focus on alternative and emerging tourism markets, specifically those of Latin America and Brazil.

Original Article Text From La Prensa, Panama

Panama: Challenges for Tourism
Tourism statistics are growing, and in order to ensure further growth it is necessary to focus on markets other than the traditional markets of the U.S. and Europe, specifically in Latin America

The flow of tourism in Panama has been growing significantly in recent years, the U.S. and Europe being the major emitters.

However, the situation experienced by the economies of the U.S. and the old continent could impact the number of tourists coming to Panama from there, so it is essential to attract new markets.

One example is South America, whose good economic performance has had a direct impact on the number of tourists leaving the region to see other places.

It is in these markets that Panama must promote tourism, so that it can diversify the source of its visitors and further increase the flow into the country.

In his opinion piece, Ursula Keiner says: “There are two giants to seduce in America: Canada and Brazil. We have a relationship with Canada via the charter flights that fill our resorts in the Pacific area. Copa Airlines is doing a great job negotiating routes and with Toronto opening up, this this destination is being made more accessible. The second largest market, Brazil is more difficult because of the foreign language barrier and Panama is not on its radar, apart from to the surfers who come to Bocas and Santa Catalina.

We have routes to Brazil, but the flights are very expensive and as with Europe, marketing has to be done in their language. With the Tocumen airport expansion we have to start thinking about our strategies in order to continue to bring tourists to our country. ”

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From La Prensa, Panama

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