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Martinelli in Great Britain, 108 Years After This Country Would Not Recognize Panama’s Independence

Article Summary:

Today in 1903, Great Britain refused to recognize Panama as a sovereign nation.

Fast forward 108 years to learn that Great Britain and Panama are strengthening a tourism agreement.

Original Article Text:

A New Republic.
Panama Recognized by U.S.A. Received Nov. 15, 9.20 a.m.

New York, November 14. President Roosevelt, addressing Varilla, the Minister for Panama, said the United States recognized the new Republic, and representing the united expression of the people’s will he wished Panama stability and prosperity, hoping the new Republic would be providentially the instrument of untold benefit to civilization by opening up a highway to universal commerce across an exceptional favored territory.

The joint Army and Naval Board at Washington has decided that it is unnecessary to send troops to Panama.

It is understood that the authorities at Washington are surprised that Britain has not recognized the Republic of Panama.

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